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Strange things in my relationships too


Probably a lot of people are interested in relationships so I am writing about it today.

Strange things happen to me in my relationships too. I wasn’t so into the idea of dating when I got separated, well, I was 40 pounds heavier at the time too. I was always chubby as a child too.

I wasn’t looking for a date even when I moved back to New York City from Singapore. It is true that I hadn’t dated for 20 years up to the point. My last marriage was long in the way.

It is strange again I could walk away from the long marriage in the way too.

I had never imagined a dating scene in New York City. I heard that we would never find a right person though I just met someone and started seeing him.

It always happens to me that I think of it feeling like bright idea in me and I just do it, kind of thing. It hit me one day to decide to go to a single mingling party.

I wrote about it in my book so please take a look from here.

I heard that nobody will ever go for a second date though I found someone to see at the first attempt in the party.

I actually got a job at the first job interview so it might not be strange though.

Yes, it was strange too. I thought it was a job interview so I was prepared for it with my resume. Actually in Japan, resume was hand writing so it took so much time to prepare for it.

However I couldn’t use the resume because it wasn’t actually job interview at all so my resume was going to be waste since the date was written on it already.