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Strange things in my relationships too


Probably a lot of people are interested in relationships so I am writing about it today.

Strange things happen to me in my relationships too. I wasn’t so into the idea of dating when I got separated, well, I was 40 pounds heavier at the time too. I was always chubby as a child too.

I wasn’t looking for a date even when I moved back to New York City from Singapore. It is true that I hadn’t dated for 20 years up to the point. My last marriage was long in the way.

It is strange again I could walk away from the long marriage in the way too.

I had never imagined a dating scene in New York City. I heard that we would never find a right person though I just met someone and started seeing him.

It always happens to me that I think of it feeling like bright idea in me and I just do it, kind of thing. It hit me one day to decide to go to a single mingling party.

I wrote about it in my book so please take a look from here.

I heard that nobody will ever go for a second date though I found someone to see at the first attempt in the party.

I actually got a job at the first job interview so it might not be strange though.

Yes, it was strange too. I thought it was a job interview so I was prepared for it with my resume. Actually in Japan, resume was hand writing so it took so much time to prepare for it.

However I couldn’t use the resume because it wasn’t actually job interview at all so my resume was going to be waste since the date was written on it already.

I came up with the idea to call up some foreign banks to get an interview on the day. There was no Internet or anything then I had memo of telephone numbers of foreign banks on my booklet I wrote from my college job information.

One of the banks could see me on the day and actually a few months later went through two interviews, I got the job.

It happened that I had numbers of banks, one of them could see me then and I got the first job ever out of college in the way.

I say that there is no coincidence in this world.

I remember that even my mother thought that it was a fraud because it was too good to be true and quickly given.

Much later, my therapist in New York told me that my mother underestimated me and I must say that she did.

Going back to my dating experience, I just got into the hot relationship quickly. I had no idea what I put myself into then… I wouldn’t write about it because I wrote about it in my book.

There were strange things happened in the relationship too. And also I had some life changing experience outside the relationship, actually in my own hypnosis sessions.

Then I still had a hypnotist for myself. In the sessions, something very surreal happened to me and changed my life forever.

I wrote those experiences in my book so I won’t write it here.

I am going to write something I didn’t write in my book here.

Going through those experiences, I got to know about the universe, energy and souls and the change significantly influenced on my ways of thinking about relationships too.

I got to believe connections, so called soulmates and other.

Around the time, I started being able to see, know and share the experience, visions and feelings of my clients in the hypnosis sessions.

It was surprising for me to know that my experience and also my clients’ experience are identical and simultaneously happening in the hypnosis sessions.

As I became awareness of the special ability, I got strong senses in my relationships to know a strong connection between me and my counterpart and the feelings were mutual in us too.

It was strange enough that my counterpart as an American man who got an unusual background such as being trained in a remote Buddhism temple in Japan and of course, he was into soul connection too.

When you believe in soul connection, there is concept of karma too. And it is all about karma if the things don’t go well.

Of course we are here in this world to overcome our own karma.

When we can’t overcome our own karma, we go in different path in this three dimensional world.

I know that people don’t change so easily as a psychologist.

Even when we run into our soulmate, overcoming karma is not easy for us to do.

Overcoming karma is the reason why we are here so it is biggest agenda in our life too.

In the sense, we can give up on hard way to pursue soulfully connected and find someone who has less karmic work.

I will talk about strange things in my relationship in tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!

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