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Subconscious tells you what to do


I have been talking about hidden ability/potential in this week. I happened to watch a movie of X-Men.

The movie was about younger age of mutants and also the professor, how they ran into each other and developed their relationships.

All the mutants are young and they don’t know other mutants’ existence.

Mutants, of course they have special ability and features on them. In the movie, they are immature and didn’t know fully about their own abilities and potentials.

Of course they are mutants and they are so different from others. And that is a problem. They try to hide true themselves including their abilities.

It is the universal standard that being average and standard is good. In other words, being different from others is bad.

If someone unusual shows the ability well enough and becomes famous, he/she wouldn’t have to hide anything any more. However up to the point, unusual people try to hide their differences in ability or in appearance.

When they are mutants, the differences would be obvious. Different skin colors or some got big wings or something like that.

Mutants have hard time to accept themselves for who they are.

I read that X-Men concept emphasizes our own racial, ethnical differences in our society and I understand it. It works the same way if we are not mutants.