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Subconscious tells you what to do


I have been talking about hidden ability/potential in this week. I happened to watch a movie of X-Men.

The movie was about younger age of mutants and also the professor, how they ran into each other and developed their relationships.

All the mutants are young and they don’t know other mutants’ existence.

Mutants, of course they have special ability and features on them. In the movie, they are immature and didn’t know fully about their own abilities and potentials.

Of course they are mutants and they are so different from others. And that is a problem. They try to hide true themselves including their abilities.

It is the universal standard that being average and standard is good. In other words, being different from others is bad.

If someone unusual shows the ability well enough and becomes famous, he/she wouldn’t have to hide anything any more. However up to the point, unusual people try to hide their differences in ability or in appearance.

When they are mutants, the differences would be obvious. Different skin colors or some got big wings or something like that.

Mutants have hard time to accept themselves for who they are.

I read that X-Men concept emphasizes our own racial, ethnical differences in our society and I understand it. It works the same way if we are not mutants.

For example, parents have hard time when the child is a genius. It is great for any parents to have a genius child though they may have hard time to keep their dignity or feel like looked down on by the child.

A good example is like a child version of Steve Jobs. He must have been different from others.

Not only others have hard time to handle beings who are out of standard, but also those beings may have difficulties to have right boundary with others or having great self images.

There is absolute universal standard that being different is not ok so we must feel wrong when we feel different from others.

However we needed Steve Jobs so having him with us was actually amazing even though our standard didn’t approve him at some point.

In the movie, mutants had also hard time to believe in their own abilities or use them.

Of course. We have to understand the power of standard and how we should feel about it. Common sense is implanted in each one of us.

For example, some people tells you that you should be able to fly. However, your common sense tells you otherwise.

You may feel like no way, or die in crash or others.

This is an example of how we decide our own limitations. We actually decide what we can do or what we can’t do on our own.

Famous doctor tells you that you are equipped to fly so pleas jump from the high rise but you wouldn’t jump.

Yes, we decide what we can do or what we are capable of. We may decide to believe in ourselves in the sense and decide to jump at the end.

However it has to be decided by you. You are the only one person who decides what you can do or you may be capable of.

We obviously can see someone flies or different abilities and looks in mutants. However how about your own limitations and abilities that you use in your daily life?

Someone may say that you should be successful because you are smart. Or you are beautiful so you should be a famous actress. Or the gorgeous woman is in love with you so you should be able to be with her.

You can decide if you can be successful, or can be a famous actress with your own beauty, or tell the gorgeous woman that you are also in love with her.

People can tell you whatever but it’s all up to you. What you can do or can’t do. Potentials, abilities and limitations. You set them up on your own for yourself.

On the other hand, you already decided that you are going to be successful. However others may put you down.

You continuously make efforts though you are not successful yet. Others constantly tell you that you are not going to be Madonna if you dance in skimpy outfits.

Still, you can decide if you are going to be successful or not.

Even when the whole world is against you, you can keep pursuing your success. Haven’t you heard anything like that from successful people speak in the interviews that was how they became succeeded?

As I mentioned, I published my books in the US and Japan and I never knew that I was capable to write books.

When I tried, I could write. However my book writing ability never generated in me in the middle of my life, of course.

The ability was always there in me, that means, I could always write books. However I never thought of it either no one believed in me in the way. I didn’t grow up in the way at all.

We all have it, hidden ability, it is called potential.

As I wrote in yesterday’s column that I was writing columns for local Japanese newspaper for years. I made my deadline, not only that, but also I felt like writing was done in me even before I started actually writing.

However I started missing deadlines. I believe I lost passion in writing column already though I never thought of quitting.

Newspaper employees were nice and I didn’t want to quit. However my subconscious already knew it and started telling me that.

It was already decided in me in my subconscious though I couldn’t make a decision because of my emotions.

Subconscious is powerful so we have to listen to it when it talks to us. And we have to make a decision and act accordingly.

By the way, I finally could make a decision on leaving column writing.

We should listen to our own subconscious because it knows what is the best for us.

Continuing to tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!

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