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Suddenly hypnosis...


I didn’t know anything about hypnosis and I had to try because I became edgy in Singapore when I had to live on the 28th floor without child proof with my one year old twins.

I just needed a quick fix and desperate enough then.

The result was amazing. As I mentioned, I felt much better from the first session as I had never had the experience with any other therapy in my life before then.

I came up with the ideas of working on all of my issues in hypnotherapy. I say why not when I recognize the impressive effectiveness.

I had never expected that things turned around in the way and quickly changed my life though it just happened.

Well, it was supposed to happen and I don’t believe in co-incidence in this world anyway. Things happen for reasons and also at the best timing.

And it happened.

Around separation, I felt strongest ever in my life. Actually my behavior didn’t match the situation that 15 year old marriage was falling apart.

I still remember that I told my therapist that she should be more positive about my life, in fact when she told me that I will never find a good husband like my ex-husband.

I am not sure how to explain though I believe that things just happened in the way carefully planned and felt me exactly like no going back at all.

I have to tell you that whole thing was planned by the higher power because after that, my life changed in the way I can serve this world incredibly better.

My therapist was same age as me and she suggested me to have certificate of hypnotherapist and practice in Singapore.

Meanwhile, I was receiving sessions and they felt me better and better.

I started practicing in Singapore one by one.

The reason why I wasn’t practicing was business around my sister’s death, adoption and babies and adding to it, I was disappointed with limitation of psychotherapy.

I am going to talk about the result of hypnosis in tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!

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