The energy attracts evil spirits


I was talking about whatever those are, evil spirits, abusive domestic partner or back and forth relationships, it is only you can decide to leave them.

We understand a lot of complicated reasons exist for anyone to feel impossible to get rid of relationships and connections don’t even serve us well any more.

Not only the on-going issues but also attachment issues, karma or even inner child issues could be related.

I believe that it is very important for use to release negativity in us. To make positive stick to us, releasing negative is very important.

It is like a simple math so you feel like negative when the negativity in you is winning. And it feels more difficult for you to feel positive all the time.

Raising our positive or eliminating negative share the same goal though definitely eliminating negative works very effectively when the negative is a fair size.

Energy is vibrations, flows and “Chi” so we pay attention to flows that going to the right direction.

Releasing negative will correct the flow problem in very effective ways.

For example, you wouldn’t paint a rotten wall to make it beautiful. You have to scrape the surface or layers and layers of old paints.

Then the original raw wood will come out beautifully then clean the raw wood and apply the paint on the top.

If it is a bad wound, we have to cut it open and push bad infection out of it, then first time, the wound will be healed in true way.

Even in energy work, I believe that it is important to release the negative out of us.

True healing takes release of negativity. If we try to make positive stick to us without negativity release, it would be difficult for it to stick to us.

The energy may show unusual flow in it. I’d ask my clients how they got the energy and they told me some kind of energy work that they had.

In it, there was no negativity release and try to make the energy positive in the person.

Some people just don’t want to look at the negativity in them. Well, true healing takes facing the negativity and releasing it from yourself.

Whatever happened to us in the past, those made us in the persons who we are. To love ourselves in complete ways, we have to make a peace with our past too.

It would be hard to accept ourselves when we have something we can’t accept in us or in our past.

If we try to forget or ignore the past, your inner child will seek attention and care from you. The more we ignore it, the more it would bother us, it works in the way.

Good and bad in us, when we accept everything about ourselves, true self loving and self esteem will come to us.

I know that facing everything about ourselves is not easy at all. We may work it out sometimes without facing them though facing true ourselves is going to bring us true self loving at the end.

Energy attracts each other as we know. When we have negative energy, we may attract other negative energy too.