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The mechanism of dependency and addiction


I am continuing to talk about addiction and dependency. As I mentioned, technically, addiction takes withdrawal symptoms but not dependency.

In the mental health field, that is the way to take them apart one from another.

That is why addiction takes a step to remove the substance from the system at the beginning.

Withdrawal symptoms could be mild so there are addicts who just drink like habits at nights and they don’t believe that they have a problem with the habit.

I read that Brat Pitt said that he drank every single day since college so I could call him an addict at all.

However he seemed functioning well as an actor and producer so people don’t immediately jump onto the conclusion that he was an addict.

That is why functioning addicts are hard to be recognized by the person and others.

It is important for us to pay attention to our own habits and daily routines and improve it because of the reasons.

As we know, there is rehab for you to check yourself in if you have addiction problem.

As I said, rehab is there for addicts to let the substance out of their systems.

That is one of the mental health issues that need in patient facility.

Likewise there are mental institutions when you have severe mental illness such as bipolar and schizophrenia.

Even though only small percentage of severely mentally ills could hurt others although we have image that a lot of them could be harmful to the others.