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The moment my potential comes life


Looking back, I see the limitations of psychotherapy because it is all performed in “conscious” level, which makes us use only around 5% of our brain.

“Conscious” is almost always and we are using only around 5% of our brain.

Hypnotherapy is performed in “subconscious”, which makes us use up to 95% of our brain. “Subconscious” is a natural state of ours though it visits us only a few times a day.

In “subconscious”, our brain operating speed will be 1,000,000 times faster than “conscious” level.

Natural state of “subconscious” happens to us randomly when we are so relaxed such as when driving in highway or riding on a subway train.

Meditation should be close to “subconscious” too.

“Subconscious” is super powerful and it randomly comes to us. Someone comes up with the idea of inviting “subconscious” when needed.

Using “induction” technique and make “subconscious” happens to us and it is already called “hypnosis”.

Nothing dramatic about “hypnosis”. “Hypnosis” is a natural state called “subconscious” but only when we “induce” it.

“Induction” takes only body and mind relaxation. We won’t need any other techniques or anything but body and mind relaxation.

I use ocean wave sound to relax my clients and mind relaxation, simply count the numbers backward like we do in anesthesia induction.

I had never known true effectiveness of “subconscious” therapy and it truly amazed me.

My life literally started changed from the point. Up to the point, I was unemployed for 8 years.

Since then to now, I have business in New York City, published a