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The moment when my life started changing


We internationally relocated ourselves to Singapore and got everything I ever wanted then but I wasn’t happy.

In precise, no one seemed happy in the house except for the babies.

Especially adopted children were in crucial situation recovering from their losses of their mother and also there was no language access that they didn’t speak English then.

Older daughter ended up with working in an air line though my son had hard time in the school. He was kicked out from a private school because he couldn’t catch up with others.

That was when the school wanted him tested for IQ, dyslexia, hearings and others. The school thought it was something wrong with him either he was retarded, couldn’t hear or anything like that because he wasn’t responding in the communications.

We ended up with finding him a little bit special then a tendency of a form of autism.

There was no autism at all but his IQ showed tendency of some degree of spectrum that we got to know.

In the sense, he is not good at remembering names or spelling at all and other symptoms such as communication process is a bit different from others.

He was very good at playing chess and as a boy, he could beat adults.

They both were mostly in their room alone each other and therapy wasn’t remarkably working to improve their moods so much.

Marital separation happened in the timing.

It was difficult for us to be together at the time. Each one of us was frustrated with the situation that we were in.

Then frustration could be affected our relationships too. Each one of us could barely talk in good ways for a while.