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The reason why we were brought here


I have been talking about energy in this week. Energy is vibrations and in scientific explanation is that energy is our 40 trillion micro living cells in us are vibrating, each one of them when it is alive, and we are releasing the vibrations from our body, it is called energy.

I talked about there is energy even when there is no body. In science, we can weigh micro level of weight difference before and after death in our body.

It gets slightly lighter in micro level so some scientists say that some kind of energy comes out from our body when we die.

Do you believe that memory is stored in our brains? Our brain does everything about memories?

In fact, it doesn’t. There are cases that organ transplant recipients start remembering something new and it turned to be the memory was the donor’s.

To be clear, it wasn’t a brain that transplanted in the recipient. Thus we have to think that the organ had the memory with it and some how passed onto the recipient.

I learned the fact at Master of Social Work program at University of Michigan. I was studying there to be a psychotherapist so we needed to learn various types of information to make a best judgment on the extreme cases without judging them that they are just out of their minds.

I was surprised when I heard it too. I thought that memory was always about brain, only brain. In the program, a lot of the professors are working psychotherapists and we could get updated information from the field.

Furthermore, we as a therapist need to pay attention to updated information and scientific development to change this world better.

Because a lot of problems can be solved with the technology and information and also a lot of questions could be solved with the information and advanced technology too.

It is wonderful for us to be more capable to understand our body and mind.

It seems like organs can have memories. How? Then we must think that not just the organ can but the energy attached to it can too, why not? For example, it is called “life” or “spirit” could have something to do with the memory function.

Energy, something we can’t really see with our eyes though we have it in us and it seems like playing a great deal in our system everyday, doesn’t it?