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The reasons we fed up with ourselves and the world


I am talking about parenting and self image in this week and mentioned that yourself is the only one person in this world who you are with 24/7, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

It’s true, isn’t it? Even in your sleep, you never be apart from yourself and there is no other relationships like this at all.

You can’t cheat on yourself either and you know about yourself with bad and good things, all of them.

You can cheat on others and hide your mistakes and all that though it is much harder for you to cheat on yourself.

That is why, I say that it is much harder for you to love yourself.

If you only see your flaws, the relationship/partnership with yourself would be very hard.

The person who is closest to you and you can only see flaws in the person. It is harder in it than very old married couple’s relationship.

On the other hand, it would be the happiest relationship when you see only good elements in the person.

You are with a wonderful person 24/7, 7 days a week and 365 a year. There is nothing more than it for you to ask.

It is like you start dating with a prince or princess. It is hard for you to believe how wonderful you feel like with the person.

And it is all about values and perception if you pay attention to good or bad elements in the person.

Your perception commands you whether you pay attention to good things or bad things in the person.

In the same sense, anything or anyone in this world has good and bad in them.

Even people who looks flawless but the flawlessness could be a bad thing in him/her or prejudice may make people think that the person is flawless.

I say that it is natural and meant to be that anything or anyone has good things and bad things together.

Furthermore, even this world has good and bad things, plenty of those, aren’t they?

It is very true that some war is happening at this moment at some where in this world while something miraculous and wonderful is happening at this same moment too.

Some people are killing each other though at the same time, a lot of people are trying to save others’ lives with risking their own lives.

Some people do very bad things though some people save the world with giving out their own money.

It is all up to our perception and the way to look at the world and decide that good people are more or less than the other or bad people are more or less than the other.

It is all up to our perception if we pay attention to our own goodness in this world or flaws in this world.

Personally I believe that this world is a wonderful place, however a person next to me may have a completely opposite opinion.

I and some others say that this world is wonderful and at the same time, other people say that this world is a terrible place.

However we have only one world.

Wonderful or terrible. Description seems opposite each other though those are the words to describe only one place and it is this world.

You may think that we are describing two different worlds while two of the people are talking about this very same world that we live in.

I can’t help noticing how powerful our perception is and seems like it is changing the world or more like our perception lets us see the same things in very different ways.

Perception changes everything in how we feel and also how we live. How powerful the perception is!

When we believe that this world is terrible, our lives will be very harsh. We live and try to survive in the terrible place and die in the same terrible place.

It doesn’t matter how terrible we feel in this world, there is no where for us to run away. Well, we can check ourselves out early and that means some kind of self termination.

Suicide may happen in the kind of background when we fed up with living in a terrible place and there is no way out.

I can say the same for ourselves. We are always together with ourselves. We can’t get away from ourselves at all.

If we don’t like ourselves, it will be a hard life so we’d better like ourselves.

There is a way to get out of ourselves and it must be suicide. Either we fed up with ourselves or we got sick to the bottom with the terrible world, those should be the reasons why we check ourselves sooner on our decision.

Then I should say this again that they are all on our perception. Whether we like something or not, it depends on our perception.

Do you think that we have to change ourselves wonderful to have a high self esteem?

Do you believe that we have high self esteem when we are wonderful?

I say that none of them is true.

It is nothing like to change yourself into a wonderful person, but you will finally feel and believe wonderful about yourself when you have perception that you can only pay attention to your own goodness.

Something like that.

In parenting, we are eager to let our children to pay attention to their own goodness and feel deserving love, completely, then they will believe that they deserve love.

Because when you believe to deserve love, you love yourself and feel happy, that is our goal in our parenting.

In tomorrow’s column, I will talk about how we as parents to teach that the children deserve love because the belief will make them happy beings.

Have a wonderful day!!

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