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Too sensitive to love Part 1

Hello !!

It's been so long in New York City this lock down is still going on. Some how I feel like people got used to this situation and got careless about "social distance".

Whatever that is, we tend to be careless when we got used to the situation and that is when we actually have to be most careful.

Personally, I wanted to do positive things in this lock down and started uploading YouTube videos.

If you are not so into reading like me, you can watch those to know how to set your mind positive and all that.

If you are interested, please click here.

It's been a while since people started talking about the lock down affects on not only the business and but also our human relationships.

Of course, we matter much to "physical distance" in-between people so it is natural for us to think about emotional distance too and also our life at the same time.

Today, I want to talk about human relationships. It was easy to guess in this topic flaw and also it is the most common topic for me to talk about in my practice too.

Of course, I am a therapist and we are dealing with emotions of most intelligent and complex beings in this world.

Romantic relationships are included of course and it is the most complex topic that we can ever deal with in this world.

We can always stop seeing them when we are friends. Even, of course, in romantic relationships too. However romantic break up is much more complex than friendship dissolution.

In any romantic relationships, we have some degree of visions of partnerships.

As friends, we don't think about sharing lives together or moving into each other. However there is possibility in any romantic relationships to be partnerships.