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Too sensitive to love Part 2


This is the part 2 continuing from the previous column so I recommend you to read part 1 if you haven't read it yet. I spontaneously decided to split into two because it became too long.

In the Part 1, I talked about being super sensitive to love and detect tiny little amount of love and reacted to it is the best thing.

Because it saves a lot of energy and instantly be happy. Also in fact, love is actually necessity for us to survive too.

Happiness, love and success are always related each other. Almost all of us believe that "success" makes us happy.

In this case, "success" means being rich and famous in simply saying. Then we should remember why we want to succeed at the first place.

We want to take care of our parents or we want to impress our parents.

In psychology, it is well known that we, in some level, want our parents' approval and recognition of our goodness and they motivate us to succeed.

Some of us want to provide the best life to our children.

It seems like for parents or children on the surface though after all we all have some desire that others know our values and ability and especially we want most important people, who are our parents to know our goodness and values too.

Of course, some people only care about their parents' recognition even when they become very successful and famous in the sense.

Prove our own values and ability, in other words, we want others notice our own values, want get attention and respect from them too.

Yes, success is relating to love.

Attention and recognition, and love are the reasons for us to want our success.

If so, discovering a way to be sensitive to love seems a right approach rather than working so hard on success. It would be the best if we could detect and be reacted to tiny little amount of love too.

However the world is not working in the way. we all look for reasons why we don't feel happy outside us. Such as we don't have so much money, not famous, don't have something or even being single and etc.

We all believe that success will lead us happiness without problems. This is a strong belief in us.

Being rich and famous will bring us happiness, we tend to believe.

If we say it in a sentense, we say that money can't buy happiness. However majority of people look for reasons why we don't feel happy in whatever the conditions we have rather than looking into ourselves.

Probably because only