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"Truly love you so...", the universe says


In this week, I keep speaking about how to survive in this stressful life and how happy living can be accomplished here on this earth.

How? And one word here to present is “control”. It is all about control and how we can let go of control.

Control may mean too “controlling” though control issue covers our negative feelings when the plans don’t go in the ways we planned.

It is still control issue when we feel like why I am not successful, why I don’t have a partner, why I am in bad luck or such.

When you decided that you are in bad luck, you are in bad luck, yes, entirely. And you are blinded to anything good happening in your life.

Because you are focused on bad things in your life so you miss every good thing happening in your life.

Then a lot of people call the way of living as negative.

If you don’t pay attention to plans don’t go in your favor, well, at least on the surface, you still expect things go well in your life, a lot of people will call your way of living as positive.

And yet, bad tings and good things are decided by you depending on your conditions and situations.

For example, your partner left you, you feel the worst and that is the worst thing ever happens to your life that you decided.

However a few months later, you run into someone so special and felt so right about everything in your life including your earlier break-up.

Yes, you realize that you made a mistake that you decided the break-up as not only a bad thing but also worst thing ever. It was a big mistake on the decision.

Something like that happens to yo