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Usual views stay in you


I often think about how to live possibly or simply happiness and I just do it because it is always in me as my own nature.

And everyday, I get input from others and myself to lead me to different approaches, directions and conclusions about his particular topic.

I want to write a little of my awareness and later, I will talk about parenting again.

I have to say that being positive is very different from being denial. In psychology, there is this defense mechanism of “denial”.

For example, someone receives a diagnosis of cancer and go for denial. It is pretty natural for any of us to feel like not to accept the diagnosis.

It is like if I didn’t hear the diagnosis, I wouldn’t have to do anything or thinking about anything such as treatment plans.

That is classic denial. If there was no problem, we wouldn’t have to solve the problem at all.

Yes, there is no need to solve anything when there is no problem. That is why it is one of those defense mechanisms that we use to protect our mind.

As soon as we recognize a problem exists, we will have to deal with it. If we didn’t want to deal with it, we tend to go for denial.

It is one of those things in married couples sometimes to ignore whatever the problem they have because they wouldn’t have to deal with any of the problems they have.

In the case, one day, there could be a rude wake-up call then we will have to deal with them anyway.

It is about COVID-19 too. We may want to believe that we will never get infected and ignore the precaution that we should take like wearing a mask.