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What hypnosis is and how to self hypnosis


As I always say, I am a Master of Social Work and was performed as a psychotherapist in the past. Right now, I have a private practice as a certified hypnotherapist in the office in Manhattan NY and also Skype and Zoom.

As I also say, I changed my own life with hypnotherapy. I was unemployed for 10 years in the past, then published books in Japan and the US, appeared on radio shows for 12 times. I lost probably 60 pounds in my life and kept size 2 for years now.

I believe that anyone can turn around the lives completely, look young, light and beautifully and live happily. I am actually helping people to do so.

I want to talk about hypnosis, what hypnosis is today because people have no idea about it and absolute no chance to know it in everyday life.

I didn’t know anything about hypnotherapy when I had it first time. I had to overcome my fear of height when I lived in Penthouse in Singapore. It was 28th floor and I had two toddlers in the house without child proof at all.

I was blown away with the result and ended up with deciding pursuing my own career as a hypnotherapist.

I was unemployed for 10 years then because I wasn’t satisfied with my own job as a psychotherapist that I saw minimum effects on my clients. It was hard for me to continue something I didn’t believe in.

At the time, I had baby twins and also adopted my sister’s children as teenagers so the decision to live as a stay home mom made sense too.

I was married for 10 years without child and all of sudden, I gained 4 children so I was busy enough.

Everyone knows how powerful hypnosis is, doesn’t he/she? Only a few people know why so I want to explain here.

I want to introduce the state of “concsious”, which is normal state and awake. We use around 5% of our entire brain in this state. Some say 3%, some say 7% and some say it is even more but we know that usage is far from 100%.

We carry a big brain and surprisingly use only little of it. It is unbelievable, isn’t it?

There is another state of “subconscious”, which is a natural state randomly visits us a few times a day when we are so relaxed. In our train ride or highway driving, we may be in our own subconscious state.

Unless your brain is standard with severe mental illness or other mental disorders like autism or mental retardation, we should be able to be in the subconscious state naturally and automatically.

It is always available and most of us are equipped though the subconscious is a very powerful state. In conscious, we use only around 5% of our brain though in this subconscious, we can use up to 95% and our brain operating speed will be 1,000,000 times faster than conscious. It is science.

The problem here was that we could only use subconscious at the random visits of theirs. Don’t you think that it would be great we could use it when we want to use and where we want to use it?

Of course, it is a powerful state and we already have access, why not?

We invented a technique of “induction” to induce the subconscious state and have it when and where we want. It’s a wonderful idea, isn’t it?

When the subconscious state is “induced”, it is already called “hypnosis”. It is still the subconscious though it is called hypnosis when it is induced.

That is why hypnosis is highly misunderstood and described oddly and something so skeptical. It is unfortunate.

The subconscious/hypnosis is a natural state and feels like a very deep meditation so feels so nice! The subconscious occurs only when we are so relaxed so we are relaxed in hypnosis and a lot of people drift and fall into a sleep in fact.

For induction, we need only body and mind relaxation. I instruct my clients to relax their bodies step by step. Then I use ocean wave sounds. For mind relaxation, I let my clients count the numbers backwards.

When you do all that, anyone can go into the subconscious state. Of course! It is like a massage, massage makes you relax and it is physiological response.

Hypnosis works the same. You are supposed to go into subconscious state when you follow the instructions.

Only the reason why you can’t go to the subconscious would be your own resistance. When you are open to hypnosis, you should be able to respond naturally and you should be in hypnosis.

When you resist in massage, you can’t get relaxed. In hypnosis, only when you resist the subconscious state with your fear or skepticism. It is up to you if the effects are maximized or not.

That is why privacy is important. Someone is in the same room or distract you, it is going to be negative effects to results.

As you read, in hypnosis, no one is controlled. That is total myths. It is up to the clients how strongly they want to change their lives.

I hear that a lot of successful people meditate and it makes sense. If you meditate well enough, you have high chance to be using subconscious state. In the state, you are supposed to have amazing inspirations.

The more and often you use subconscious, the better you can get onto. I personally noticed improvements of decision making speed in me after hypnotherapy. Second thoughts are diminished too.

In business setting, those are so useful and important. I can decide quick and no regret. I can reply to email quickly, those are showing incredible improvement.

I want to write about self hypnosis technique that you can maintain your emotional wellness and relaxation. Hypnosis is no odd or so special at all. It is a natural state.

I am teaching self hypnosis technique to my clients to work on themselves. Just like meditation, you can find your own abilities in you at the maximum level.

I will talk about it step by step in the next column.

Thanks! And have a wonderful day!

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