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When higher power moves you 2


Have you ever seen a situation that someone or some people appear as possessed and act or perform in certain way?

I have my own experiences ever since I ran into hypnosis and released my negativity time to tome, and also became more noticeable of the phenomenons in my career since then too.

In my speech, session or any other occasions, I don’t remember that I made drafts before the performances.

I was in the air on live radio shows for a dozen times in these years including 30 minutes and 1 hour shows so it was much of speaking involved there.

However we didn’t have any meetings or written drafts before the shows. Interviewers were there and asked me questions of hypnosis related in mechanism or effects or what kind of people came and cured randomly.

I remember some interviewers who were an American man and also British woman. I remember the woman who understood what I did in depth and mentioned that she wanted to come to the session.

I understand some interviewers truly enjoyed their jobs and I was glad to know if it was the case.

When the show is long as 1 hour, we can keep the good tension in-between if the interviewer was wonderful.

I enjoyed the shows with a good company who was interested in my work and felt like an intimate conversation though some how, we were in the radio shows.

I am writing now but I didn’t decide what to write and the case is so often. I start writing and get into my writing before I even knew, that is a common case.

Especially in sessions, I can’t prepare at all.

I don’t know what kind of problems that my clients bring to the sessions. Even when they talked about the problems beforehand, often times the problem wasn’t even a chief complaints.

Whatever comes to me, I listen and talk about what I think even in sessions or radio shows.

Furthermore, I didn’t know at all the fact that I could write a book in my life.

I was suggested to do so more than several times in different occasions and one day, I started writing and 2 weeks later, I was writing around 100 pages.

I believe that sessions, radio or even book writing are the work of subconscious.

I recall my radio shows, book writing or sessions as I was possessed by something like higher power and spoke or acted in certain ways.

Sometimes they are unbelievable experience and had no idea why I said certain things or wrote something I believed that I had never thought of, well, in my conscious level.

I spoke, wrote or performed though I sometimes couldn’t believe what I was capable of.

I had no idea what I was capable of but surely my subconscious made them possible.

I heard that some people said that someone was possessed and performed in certain way.

It is subconscious and it completely made sense that someone got a super power made whatever the thing possible.

As I mentioned, in subconscious, we are a super version of ourselves. Or we could say that super version is true ourselves though in our conscious the ability is rested.

As I mentioned before, it is non-sense in physiological thinking if we don’t use our full potential as a creature.

If you are a creature, you have to give a 100% in our lives to survive, of course.

That is why I believe that we were meant to use our full potential, subconscious from the beginning.

Carrying a gigantic brain that we use only 5% almost all the time. We not only carry the big brain but also use energy to maintain it all the time.

It is like a carrying a big bag full of staff in it all the time never use the items there.

Lives are here to survive and we are created to keep our minimum in our functions. I wonder why we carry a huge brain and don’t use only 5% all the time.

We must be meant to use the big brain up to 95%, and it makes sense.

I believe that we were meant to use the last frontier of our own subconscious state not only to just survive but also develop ourselves to the next level.

I am going to talk about this more in the tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!!

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