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When true love can't be together


In yesterday’s column, I mentioned that punishment was a concept that human made. Yes, I believe so. I believe that the universe doesn’t punish us at all.

When you truly love someone, you always forgive. Yes, of course. Love is to accept, forgive and care.

That is why the universe forgives us rather than punish us.

Love in-between humans works in the same way as we forgive each other. However of course there is a choice that we can make as not to be with someone who hurts you again and again.

When your family member have trouble with drugs or something and bring trouble to you, you have to stay away from the person.

Love has boundary too.

We can say the same to a partner who performs domestic violence. Boundary exists when we completely forgive the person.

It is not like you can’t be with the person because you can’t forgive them. When you forgive them, you have boundary to protect yourself or avoid the situation that the partner can’t have a personal growth.

Even though the partner hurts you, you still are with them, it means there is no good boundary in-between you.

If you do, your partner will miss the chance to be better.

That is a case when you can’t be with someone who you truly love.

Allowing the partner to hurt you and stay in the relationship even when it is toxic may take the chance from the partner to seek a right treatment or simply being a better person.

Partnership should be cooperating to improve together. Speaking in the universal concept, we raise our vibrations together in our partnerships.

When you forgive and accept, your partner shouldn’t think that nothing wrong with their doings.

They should not feel like it is ok for them to be ego centered and feel easier to be with someone who endures their selfishness. Then there is no personal growth.

I’d understand when someone leaves even if there is true love in between two. There is no regret or hatred then and we move on.

Maybe there is another chance for them to be together when they realize the importance of their partnership and personal growth.

Regarding domestic violence and abuse, the offenders need a lot of help. They may swear that they will never hurt you again though normally it doesn’t work in the way.

Those offenders need professional supports and proper treatment at least and yet, it might be difficult for them to overcome.

Anyway forgiveness doesn’t mean that they could be together. Forgiveness is about the past though the future matters more if you want to be with someone.

When you truly love someone, you wouldn’t stop your partner to make personal growth.

And it is not a right way for you to find someone who allows you to be selfish either.

True love makes us strong enough to say no to the nonsense.

Some of my clients had hard time to leave their partner who hurts them.

A lot of them have some issue about leaving someone and it is relating to the past events.

As “Danshari”, known with Mari Kondo’s organizing philosophy is actually a Buddhism term that letting go of objects or persons that we have attachment to, it is not easy for anyone.

And of course, it is one of those assignments that the universe gave us. Assignments that the universe gave like this in regards our lives and relationships are called karma sometimes.

our ego desires to be with the person even when the person hurts us. We can truly overcome the karma when we face the ego and consider the best option for you and the partner.

We were talking about stress, how we survive happily in this stressful environments.

I mentioned in Monday’s column.

  1. Why we get upset or what triggered the negative energy of sadness, anger, anxiety, fear, irritation, or frustration?

I longly explained how negativity gets triggered brain mechanism wise or how it is relating to past events including past lives in this week’s columns.

I am aware that some people believe in past lives and some don’t. However in my practice, there are many unusual session developments such as memory recalling in such a young age including fetus era.

I will keep talking about it in tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!!

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