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Who energy readers are


This fall is getting deeper and deeper in New York City and it is passing by for 8 months since the lockdown took place. We have got used to the lockdown and also the public schools partially reopened lately.

I have been offering Skype sessions in this lockdown. My clients came back for sessions in Skype and it proved that there is no difference in-between Skype and in person sessions.

As I have been telling, energy is vibrations from our micro cells that are 40 trillions in ourselves. Each one of the cells is vibrating and it is not alive when it doesn’t vibrate. Vibrations are a proof of life, I say.

The vibrations we release from our body is called energy.

We call it energy or vibrations in the sense because they are vibrations too. And it is called “high vibration” when it vibrates high and “low vibration” when it vibrates low.

Some people call it high energy or low energy as they are described.

As long as the energy is vibrations, we should be able to feel it in our body. When you are very sensitive to the vibrations, you may be called as an energy reader and I am one of them.

Energy never lies even though on the surface, someone looks very happy and smiling.

Amongst my clients, I can feel tension, fear, or anxiety are precisely sensed to me in person. I sometimes felt mysterious though in fact, we should be able to sense it, of course, because it is physical vibrations even though it is tiny ones.

I noticeably recognized my ability to sense the energy in the way 4 or 5 years ago. I started feeling restless or fear all of sudden when I received a text message from my clients.

That was when I recognized the energy wasn’t coming from me but coming from someone else at the end of the texting line.

Yes, it doesn’t matter if the person is next to me or in distanced place, however once we got tuned and connected each other, the energy naturally flows into me in daily life.

In the sense, of course, our micro cells should have a lot of information about our lives. Where you are, how you feel or whom you are talking to or etc.