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Why Romeo and Juliet were so young


In yesterday’s column, I wrote that we are not wiser in our aging though we start avoiding risks and play conservative because of the mistakes we made in the past.

I believe that we tend to become conservative without so much challenging in our later part of life and getting wiser is a euphemism.

And we have scientific explanation for the tendency.

We remember negative experiences better than positive ones, our brain does. It is function that we have to avoid pain or ultimately death so this is defense mechanism.

Our mission as a creature is to maintain our own DNA and pass it onto the next generations. Some scientists say that our bodies are just rides for our own DNA.

For us, avoiding death is number 1 priority. And also avoid pains because they may lead us to death at the end. It is really a defense mechanism.

We remember bad things better than good things in our lives even when let me say that we have good and bad in equal amount.

Yes, because of it, in certain age, they say that a lot of bad things happened in their lives just because they remember bad things better

It is our nature and instinct. It is very unfortunate. I wish we could remember only good things going against our nature though then probably we would have a lot more risk of death.

Because we will be so optimistic and careless.

It is our nature to let us say that we had a lot of bad things in our lives. If you don’t say that after certain age, it is wonderful so I want to congratulate you!

According to the instinct, in aging, we would have negative energy more and more and it is science.

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