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Why we over-eat?


I read it in CNN that Michelle Obama spoke that she had a depression. She felt pressure and trouble sleeping at night.

In the article, it said that in this period, 1/3 of American people have depression and in comparison with the same period last year, the number of depression is three times more.

As Michelle said, in this lockdown the mood is down and adding to it, there was racial incident earlier and also many of the demonstration and movements because of the incident.

Michelle, as we know, very smart, tall, beautiful and former first lady of the US. Of course as long as she is a human, depression doesn’t choose a person to get so as other diseases.

I believe that we are in the same age but I feel like she is so much more mature than me. Probably it is strange as me in my age feels admiration to some mature woman.

As I wrote in my book, The Rules for Success—How to live happily (One Peace Books), not only I admire mature women but also I adore my wrinkles in my face because I feel mature with them as I felt that way from my younger age.

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Yes, this lockdown does something to us in our moods such as we can feel down or depressed. As Michelle had a depression, anyone can have it too.

About me, as I mentioned before, I decided not to wait this lockdown over. I wanted to do something meaningful in this period, furthermore, at the end, I want to appreciate this lockdown happened to us.

I activated some projects along the reason and one of them is weight loss. As I mentioned, I lost probably 50 pounds since I encountered hypnosis in 2011.

Of course my weight was always an issue for me in my entire life and I thought that I got genes to be large at some point in my life.

At the end, I understood that overeating was simply causing my weight problem. We have certain metabolism on person or on the age.