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Words can't be trusted

Hello !

It is true that even great Buddhism master, Shakyamuni had a moment of depression, interesting, isn’t it?

We are humans with a lot of complicated emotions so there should be some down time too.

I always use the example of sun and rain and of course, most of us love sunshine better than rain although I love sometimes gentle rain showers and sounds too.

Whatever the environment, good or bad, we get used to the usual environment so we want to be in the good one for sure.

As I mentioned, fixed value is hard to change. I believe that only subconscious power can change the perception.

When you feel strange without rainy days like in the yesterday’s column, you need to change your perception for sure.

Most of us feel wonderful under the sun though you feel wrong because it is not rain.

As same as it, perception and value absolutely decide what we deserve in our lives.

When you decide not deserving something wonderful, your are subconsciously driving yourself away from something wonderful.

Some people call the act, “block” and in the sense, you are the person who blocks yourself.

Block can stop you from further success because you already set the limitation of yours and how far you can go on your own.

Our values are known fixed around 10 years old in each individual. And after the age, it takes some work to change our perception.

To change the fixed perception, powerful brain power will be required although our brain is not at our best of ability in our “conscious” world.

“Conscious” is the state we are in while we are awake so basically almost all the time when we are awake and we are using around 5% of our brain.