Every behavior and thought of yours resonate in subconscious


It has been nicer in New York City since the last heat hit us in the past week. I feel like nice breeze in the late evening and enjoy the feelings of it.

I love summer and am enjoying it so hope that you are enjoying your summer some where in this world.

I just want to talk about energy today because I feel sensitive more and more with the energy.

Energy is every where though first of all, we are sensitive with human energy. In science, we can explain what energy is.

In each individual, we have 40 trillion cells in us and those cells are vibrating when they are alive. It should be a lot of vibration if 40 trillion of them gathered.

All those vibrations are released from our bodies and it is called energy. We call the vibrations high vibrations in higher or bad energy of lower vibrations in our daily life.

Cells are vibrating and it is a proof of life and it tells us what kind of life we have in the vibrations too.

It should affect a lot of environmental fators in the vibrations. Not only the we have feelings in us but also blood flows, blood pressure, what we eat and how we digest or even how we feel breeze we have in the air also should affect our vibrations.

Energy should represent everything in us that I can say.

That is why it makes sense that we excise, eat good food, relaxed or meditate to maintain good energy.

In wild animals and pets, things should be more simple though humans have much higher intelligence and feelings are one of the most affecting factors in the vibrations/energy.

Where do our feelings come from? Of course from ourselves. I hear a lot of people say that someone made him/her feel a certain way.

In detail speaking, we actually decide how we feel with whatever the stimulants that we receive from outside.

Yes, we feel differently with watching the same movie and we have different impressions on our own when we meet someone too.

Of course we share average emotional range and reactions of stimulations in mass populations and it is highly told in psychology how to make a good impression or something like that to use the average reactions and tendency.

There are patterns and tendency though we react and feel differently each other so controlling people’s feelings is much more difficult from what we think.

It is very hard for us to make people fall in love with someone or make someone love us with some intention and manipulations.

Human feelings are way too complicated and controlling human minds is almost impossible so in the sense, it creates a lot of dramas or sufferings if you try or are in just simple romantic relationships.

Now a days, we can control a lot of things as clicking on something to buy or get rid of but we can’t use the magic on the human minds after all.

As we gain control on a lot of things in the modern world, the more human gains stress not to be able to control something like human minds.

I wrote the story of stress human gains in this modern world in the column of android partner the other day.

Yes, whatever happens to us, we will decide how we feel or react at the end of the event in this logic.

Sometimes they look like split second decision or just a reaction though we after all decide how we feel in the incident.

Then I must tell you that there is no co-incidence of actions or thoughts without any reasons at the end.

As long as our brain creates our actions and thoughts, it doesn’t randomly operate anyway.

In psychology, there are conscious and unconsious. Conscious is the action that we are aware and intentionally do. Opening doors for someone or bringing some drinks.

Unconscious is the action and thoughts look like randomly coming to us such as hitting someone without thinking straight.

The anger made someone hit someone else though there should be hidden reasons for it too.

The anger was already there in you but you weren’t aware of it in conscious.

Why? Someone did a bad thing so he/she got angry as natural reaction. We can say it too although something triggers your own anger in you, it can explain better I say.

Some people have really a short fuse or they get angry with a very small incident.

When there is negativity in you, it is going to be triggered by an incident.

An important fact is that we restore all of memories of ours in our brains. However we can’t recall everything because we live in the conscious most of the times.

In our normal state called conscious, we are using around 5% of our brain. That is why we can’t recall everything that we restore in our brain as memories.

Even though we can’t recall the memories, we surely have them all in our brain. That is a problem. One of the agitated memories could be triggered by a small incident and it leads you to hit someone else out of the blue.

We can trace the root cause of the anger you have in your subconscious because subconscious can make us use up to 95% of our brain.

In fact, subconscious is a very natural state of ours and we naturally and automatically use our subconscious a few times a day daily basis.

Probably it is subconsious when we can quickly come up with a great idea all of sudden.

In subconscious, not only we can use up to 95% of our brain but also our brain operating speed will be 1,000,000 times