High Vibrational Energy


We have energy every where in our everyday life. Energy is feelings, atmosphere, air, anticipation, something often times invisible around us.

We read energy all right, of course because it is always in the air.

As I mentioned before, energy is vibrations from our 40 trillion micro cells in us. Each one of them is vibrating when it is alive.

Without vibration, it is not alive so vibration is a proof of life. We are releasing the proof of life (vibrations) from us every single second.

The vibration got tunes, waves or rythems too.

Vibrations from our micro cells of course have lots to do with our everything. Our feelings, who you are with and where, why you are there, how it feels like, etc.

Of course, whether you enjoyed food, food poisoning, how the weather was then, felt good under sparking sunshine, felt warm or not. Every condition and factor are relating to our energy too.

That is why energy changes depending on who you are with, or how you feel at the site too.

Yes, energy is fluids and changeable all the time. Energy reflects and reacts each other too. Friction can happen when we can’t read energy well and agitate someone else already in a bad mood.

Friction could be overloaded and explosion could happen sometimes. We may see someone yells or going outrageous when we mistreat or underestimate the energy.

Energy is fluids so it is not easy for anyone to keep the energy well and stable. It takes some efforts if you want to maintain energy well.

I mentioned last week that keeping the source clean and beautiful is important because energy is like water.

The source is your mind. Mind may sound vague though mind-set is in your mind right? Scientifically speaking, mind means moods created by your brain chemicals.

Energy is changeable so we can take good energy out from the thin air too.

For example, energy of Chistmas. Happiness, excitement, anticipation, fulfillment, etc. They are all in the air like sparkling powder of fairies.

Often times, successful people are described as bright or glorious. It is not just expression here, I believe but it is energy described then.

When you are radiating, I have to say that your vibration is high. You may look like surrounded by fairy’s sparkling powder, yes?

That is why keeping vibration high is important when you want to radiate. Let us raise vibration of 40 trillion cells together.

Vibration should be high pitch like humming birds, which takes so much energy to make it happen.

That is why health is so important for us to keep our vibration high. As therapists suggest to eat healthy, sleep well and exercise, those are important for you to maintain your own emotional health, which is in other words, high vibration.

The source of water (energy) should be kept clean and beautiful. That means our mind and body too.

Of course stress is not good for high vibration. However stress is always there in any part of our world.

That is why it is important for us to keep ourselves put together when stress hits us with negative words or events.

For example, having a mind-set of being successful one day or being famous one day. Every super successful or famous person was once an ordinary person and others might have put them down with saying not to chase their dreams or impossible for them to achieve.

Then you need to stay on the positive track to make your dreams come true.

Like I always say that even Steve Jobs or Madonna were once ordinary people. I am sure that they were told that they were crazy or grandiose when they talked about their dreams to the others.

Being successful or not is all up to you whether you can believe in yourself and it is important for you to keep your vibration high too.

A lot of people have potential and talents but not every one of them can be successful. They can be successful only when they get up from failures and rejections and keep chasing their dreams.

Yes, only people who can keep their high vibration and keep chasing their dreams despite all the negativity given by the others are going to succeed at the end.

There are many reasons why for you not to chase your dreams. Like I said, only a few people can become successful, that means only a few people can keep high vibration after all.

If only 10% of people can get success and 90% can’t, then you may get a lot of advice against yourself like being realistic without chasing your dreams in the odds when you want to succeed.

You have to keep your high vibration amongst all those majority ordinary people. It is one of those rules for success.

You naturally have more chance to lower your vibration amongst those low vibrational energy.

Of course, energy affects you so your vibration goes lower when you are in low vibrational energy.

Or you may have a chance to review your own vibration/energy when you are attracted to negative energy.

You may believe that you are positive and lucky though a lot of bad things happen to you sometimes then you review on your own energy.