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5 Star review relating to eating habits and disorder


I got another 5 star review from one of my clients so I am introducing it today. If you want to read the review on the Yelp website click here.



New York, NY


I am so grateful to have found Mitsu. I have been seeing her over a year and I have to say that I have made more progress in that time than during 7+ years of traditional therapy. She has not only helped me with my eating problems (which is the initial reason I went to see her) but she has made me realize there was so much more going on in my life that were the roots of my distress. Even my close friends and family see that I have improved since I have been seeing Mitsu. She is always very responsive and accommodating with schedules. She is an amazing person. She is professional and kind and has made the process of hypnosis much easier for me as this was completely new to me before.

Thanks for MJ for the wonderful review! Every time I get a review, I feel privileged and glad that I can be a part of helping this world. Thanks again!

As this reviewer said and others, I have numerous clients who went to traditional thearpy and couseling before coming to me.

Most of the time, those therapy they went is traditional psychotherapy performed in our conscious mind.

Beside all those traditional therapy, some of the clients tried something out of the ordinary, for example, some skeptical procedures performed at an exotic island and have a drilling hole on their skull or something like that.

Or even using something like strong drugs such as LSD to get a result to improve their well-being. Obviously those weren’t successful so please don’t try and also they finally came to me at the end.

Some people get desperate enough to try something skeptical and dangerous to get out of depression.

Some of us are lucky enough not to feel that disparate though we can feel down in daily basis.

If the depression is mild enough or already has become so common in your everyday life, you wouldn’t notice that you are even feeling down.

If you don’t remember when was the last time you laugh out loud or sobbed like a child, you may want to pay close attention to yourself.

When your dpression is deep enough, you would develop numbness tactics in you. You may become insensitive to your own emotions so you may not be laughing or even crying for a while.

This is one of those defense mechanisms. You may feel even down or more depressed when you find yourself depressed already so your defense system makes you not to be sensitive to your own feelings.

By the way, traditional therapy is performed in our conscious that we are using around only 5% of our brain.

Whatever you talk or hear in the ability of 5% usage of your brain, you understand them accordingly. 5% of brain usage is not even close to your best of ability, is it?

For example, in conscious therapy, we could talk about how bad smoking is or you should stop smoking, you would never be convinced to stop smoking, would you?

However if your understanding was 100%, you should be able to stop smoking from the moment, right?

Stop smoking never happens just because of talking in your conscious level. It is not just a reason why it is chemical addiction in this matter.

The situation would be different when we use subconscious/hypnosis therapy. We can use up to 95% of our brain in subconscious/hypnotized state and our brain operating speed would be 1,000,000 times faster than usual.

That is why some people can stop smoking after a few hypnotherapy.

It is called “Direct Suggestion” to suggest stop smoking in hypnosis and it is effective. However I pay attention to more of the reason why the person smokes at the first place.

If you don’t have reasons to smoke, you wouldn’t have to smoke any more, right?

Not only that, but also many of us have multiple unwanted behaviors, such as smoking and also over-eating. So it is smarter for us to take care of our reasons to mis-behave rather than diminishing the behaviors.

How do we take care of unwanted behaviors? In this column we are talking about smoking and also in this review, eating habits and eating disorder were mentioned.

Bad habits are, whatever they are to relief your stress in you.

When you have negativity in you, you may need some relief to lift your feelings.

Negativity puts you down or stresses you so you have depression more often in your daily life when you have negativity in you.

When you want to get out of recurrent mild depression or serious depression, you may want to do something you love to do a lot to relief yourself.

The more negativity, stress or depression, the more often you have to do your favorite things in your daily life. Otherwise, your daily life would be more difficult then.

The stress relief that you are using in your daily life is to distract yourself from the fundamental issues/negativity in your mind and it is called “distractor”.

Almost everyone has distractor and it is important for you to balance your life. Most common distractor is over-eating.

You see the overweight people in this country more and more every year. When you are stressed, you eat more, you smoke more and drink more.

The more stress to trigger your emotional issues, then you would need to eat, smoke or drink even more. Some people shop more.

If your distractor is within healthy range, there shouldn’t be a problem. However the problem could go beyond as in cases of eating disorder.

Anorexia could kill people. Normally background story of anorexia is all about control.

When you have many things that you can’t control as a child, you can develop the idea of taking control.

The less control you have in your life, the more you would be obsessed with control in your life.

Often times, your own weight and I can say yourself is easiest object to control. Then you could be obsessed with your own eating and weight.

That is why eating disorder develops in children of controlling parents especially the mothers.

When you feel like you don’t have control in your life, you get obsessed with control as I mentioned. When teenage, normally children develop independence, then this hunger to control becomes unbearable so comes out as symptoms of eating disorder.

Oppressed feelings have to come out anyway sometimes in our life. Teenage is naturally the time children get more independent so lots of on-set of eating disorder is in this age range.

When you oppress your eating, then you can develop binging and purging.

When you starve yourself, binge comes out though you can’t lose control in your weight so you should purge not to gain weight. This patterns should be repeated in this process.

Actually eating disorder is difficult to treat because eating is a part of our life so we can’t avoid to deal with eating like excluding drinking in our lives.

We can stay away from the bars and liquors if you are an alcoholic though you can’t stay away from eating at all.

Normally alcoholics don’t know when to stop so they don’t drink at all. However you can’t cut eating cold turkey at all.

Just focus on eating habits wouldn’t treat eating disorders in my opinion. The root cause of eating disorders are control.

There was a mind of a child who lost control over their life so they became obsessed with control, which happens to be their own body and weight to control instead.

Control issue in the patient should be our focus in the treatment. Thus inner-child work is very effective.

Inner-child work would give you wonderful side effects at the end. Improving your self-image and surely you can be relieved from the depression you had so your productivity would be boosted too.

Everything about yourself should be improved with the work. Hope that you try it so soon! I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

Have a wonderful day!

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