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Breathe out the negativity


In New York City, under COVID-19 impact, all the stores are closed except for food and grocery related. Courts are closed and student loan payments are suspended too.

As I said, public schools are already and virtual class already started from the last week. As I read in CNN, United Nation is concerned increase of domestic violence under this circumstance.

As a matter of fact, it should be concerning.  We come and go in daily life and in the result we lift some stress in domestic environment though we have no where to go in this circumstance.  The behaviors that agitate each other or one of them could be more obvious and inevitable to reach the saturated point in households.  

Not only abuse but also this situation could impact on healthy human relationships. Even people in healthy relationships can have an argument though there is no where for them to go when the situation comes to them.

Especially situation is harder in a place like New York City that apartments are small. No one can get out of their hair easily because of the limited living space.

The folks who are originally in extra healthy living life style, emotionally too can stand firmer in this occasion. People who take care of themselves well enough like having meditation and routine exercises can afford this circumstance.

Of course it is challenge that we survive our daily life but it is even more challenging for us to survive in this kind of emergency situation. In this occasion, we got to know how well we can put ourselves together.

Maybe this opportunity is given to all of us as a learning experience of how to handle stress in unusual level. I believe that everything happens for reasons in our lives so I believe this is a learning experience of course.

Of course, we have to learn how to live positively in this kind of emergency situation. Not only that, but also we are given the opportunity to face our own personal issues that we avoided to deal with long time.

Our life style doesn’t just happen, it is not coincidental what kind of life style we have. In my clients, they say that their parents were always away from home. After all, we could figure out that the detached relationships with the family had a purpose that they had hard time to have a healthy relationship with family members.

It is like George Clooney in the movie of “Up in the air”. He can’t relate to people in healthy way so he travels all year around for his job. Yes, I am saying that he chose the kind of job to avoid human relationships in his subconscious level.

Probably, those people noticed that they had a problem relating to people in their subconscious. Thus subconsciously they chose the job keeping them away from the family or friends.

Anyway, I am offering healing therapy to reduce stress with using your subconscious state by Skype so I can accept all the recipients from all over the world. In this occasion, I want you to learn how to reduce stress on your own in the end.

Normally, I work with my clients on mind set, past issues (including Inner Child issues) or behavioral issues in sessions. However now in this occasion, I want to focus on more like stress reducing and healing in your energy sense.

Energy healing sessions are $90 for 30 minutes, $125 for 45 minutes and $160 for 60 minutes. Standard session is for 90 minutes and $250.00 however this normally runs to 2 hours.

Sometimes, my clients fall into a sleep in their subconscious in sessions. Then I have to make a decision what is the best for my clients, to continue the session or not in how long. That is why I say guarantee 90 minutes and goes up to 2 hours for usual sessions.

As I said, it is never longer is better. With using subconscious, you can use up to 95% of your brain instead of 5% usually you use in your conscious. Conscious is your normal state.

In subconscious, your brain operating speed would be 1,000,000 times faster than usual/conscious.

In the circumstance, of course we use a lot of energy to make the subconscious in use. That is why it is natural for anyone to feel tired when we use subconscious and it is the best for anyone not to push ourselves in the circumstance.

I say, 1 hour to 1 and half hours are the best and maximum.

When we try to stretch the length, my clients naturally are going into a sleep. Actually the sleep is the best one ever so even 10 minute sleep feels like at least a few hour sleep if you do it in your subconscious.

That is why I let my clients sleep a little and restart the session otherwise, we are fighting over the sleepiness not their own personal issues at the end. Then it is going to be harder for us to get the best result.

Yes, it is easy for you to get out of your own subconscious state/hypnosis because you can easily drift out of it. I say, more like staying in your own subconscious/hypnotized state is rather much more difficult.

You know that if you meditate. It is challenging for you to stay in meditated state at least at the beginning. You have to have inner peace without your desire or thoughts then you can stay in the calm state.

As well as the meditated state, you can naturally get off from subconscious/hypnotized state. It takes some efforts to stay in the subconscious for sure.

Some people ask me how they could get prepared for the first session and I say that sleep well and rest well on the previous night if they could.

However in nature, those people already got problems to solve and already couldn’t sleep well so we start slow from the first session in the sense.

Healing sessions are similar to Forest sessions. I normally perform the session in the first session of my clients or when I warm my clients up for the deeper session.

I use forest sounds to relax my clients and let them pay attention to breathing. Simply, in the breathing, I tell my clients to breathe in good energy and breathe out bad energy. In this process itself is very powerful and healing is already started then.

Without knowing it in our conscious, we have a lot of negative energy in ourselves took into us in daily basis. As you know, energy is contagious as being around anxious people makes you anxious.

Simply exhaling the negativity out of ourselves can make us feel much better.

The concept is to use something original on this earth. We use something special given to us on the earth because we were born here.

As we know, we have oxygen and it is not there on the other planets that we know. People on the earth can use our given opportunity at the first place, that is breathing.

That is why I don’t believe that it is coincidence that we take breath when stress hits us. We say “breathe”. Not only that, but also in Yoga, breathing is very important. As soon as you stop breathing in Yoga poses, it wouldn’t be Yoga any more that your instructor says.

As soon as you take a breath or two, you start getting relaxed. We naturally take a breath when some shock hits us.

When stress hits us, we naturally hold our breath with the tension. Then we realize it and face that situation then regain our nature to breathe.

In the sense, we know how to stabilize ourselves as our nature.

In this emergency situation of COVID-19, we are staying home with tension and tend to sit still. Our body becomes stiff and it impacts our mind too.

This is one of the forms of how our stress decides to stay in our bodies. Yes, stress/negative energy can decide to stay in us.

As I always say, the longer we keep negative energy in us, the worse damage we can have from it.

And we know that stress is one of the causes of any type of diseases including cancer.

We are wrong if we underestimate breathing. It is not coincidence for Yoga, aerobics or other exercise practices take breathing highly in the practice.

Of course breathing is a beginning of everything in our body, isn’t it? Our brain lives when breathing taking place even with artificial ventilation.

Breathing is essential and primary and we exhaust and drain our waste or anything we don’t want in us out of our bodies. In the sense, our body gets stronger when we breathe better.

Blood circulations and drainages, we do it in massages too. It is external effect but we can do it on our own from inside our body and mind.

In forest/relaxation therapy, we pay attention to breathing first. Of course even in “conscious”, we can get relaxed when we breathe well.

When we do this in deeper state of mind, “subconscious”, it is much more effective and this forest therapy was meant to be.

Of course, in “Subconscious”, we can use up to 95% of our brain instead of 5% we always use in our “conscious”. Whatever we do in the subconscious state must be much more effective including breathing.

In subconscious, our brain operating speed would be 1,000,000 times faster than conscious level.

In this process of relaxation/forest therapy, we may use your own image of negative energy. For example, heavy feelings in the chest, some fog in the head or some kind of images in you. You have much higher chance to notice your own energy in you when you are using your own subconscious.

When we capture the negative energy, we must have promising chance to release it too.

Not only that, but also it is effective for us to have visual image of our body functions.

For example, clean air fills your lungs and beats your heart more strongly. We can visualize the images in the subconscious and it has strong effects on your moods and energy level.

In the sense, we can visualize our blood flows or energy boost in your body too.

When you are visually in the forest, we can use a lot of elements in the environment too. We have springs there too. Since water is always a sense of cleanse or origin of life, some of my clients naturally go into the water on their own.

It depends on the client if we want to focus on relaxation or energy charging.

Very interesting fact that a lot of people have images of candle light and flame in them as their energy or light bulb or something like that.

As a matter of fact, those are mutual images of our energy and lives in many people.

Then I suggest my clients to burn the flame higher or raise the brightness of the light bulb too and yes, they can.

Another mutual image is to be surrounded by lights. As I said, I often times see images, messages and background stories in my clients or other people. That is why I see those lights surround them and every time I am moved by its beauty of the scenes that I witness.

Of course we can perform this kind of therapy in “conscious”. However it must be much more effective to do this in “subconscious” just because of our extremely high brain function level.

Would you try this subconscious therapy in this occasion? And obtain true relaxation in your body and mind. I am sure that it will regain your energy.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Skype!

Have a wonderful day!

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