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Coming up, android partner!


The other day, an Uber driver gave me some information about android partner will be selling soon. Japanese people produced the android that he told me too in the chat.

They can program the android in whatever the ways to fit the owner’s need as a spouse and $40,000 to get it.

This android can be programed to fit whatever the owner’s needs as a spouse so there shouldn’t be arguments, she/he would say yes to the owner every time, maybe can be designed little twisted if the owner wants.

I heard that this product can provide all the services as a human spouse can do so sex is included. Sex could be designed in the way the owner wants too, of course.

Despite the price of $40,000, preorder was sold out so you have to wait to get it if you want.

My driver was in his 50s with two divorces that he told me and he certainly wanted the android.

He asked me if I wanted to get the android and my answer was “no”.

I was kidding saying that I would get a dog if I become lonely in the future. Then he told me that the android can provide sex so it is better than dogs. I said that I would still stick to the dog…

We all expected this kind of advanced technology came true prior to this day in novels and movies.

Robots serve humans in science fiction stories and often times the ending is dramatic such as depressive ones.

Androids somehow get jealous of humans and start killing humans, or the owner start killing the androids because they can’t satisfied with the machine after all.

I predict the outcome of this story as a psychologist and I say, humans wouldn’t be satisfied or happy with the android spouse.

I am not sure if the machine start feeling like a human or not. However they are not humans for sure so humans must naturally feel like communicating with un-human.

It is like sex toy that looks like a human sometimes but it is always substitute of humans in the sense. It can’t be better than humans anyway.

I remember a story about a doll sold looking exactly like a human. The closer we look, the more the doll looks like a human that I heard.

For human minds, the closer the doll resembles human, the more humans feel strange in our nature that I read.

I heard that some awkwardness is there when we see counterfeit bills too. Maybe because of our 6th sense we feel strange with counterfeits. I wonder if android got 6th sense and unlikely.

We must observe the android carefully and can’t stop watching them at first. Probably communicating them or even having sex with them would take some courage for us to do.

They must look like a human though they are not a human so they could be violent all of sudden with malfunction too.

In humans, violent people are blended such as rapists or serial killers so odds may not be so different from each other in robots and humans after all.

The reasons why a lot of people want this android partner is about control issue, of course.

Everybody has the issue that they want to make anything in certain ways that they wish.

I watched on TV long time ago in Japan that children were getting snappier and snappier. A psychologist was commenting on TV about it.

Reasons of the phenomenon are becaue of advanced technology. We have gained control because of advanced technology. We lost patience.

I remember that we had to go to TV to change the channel without remote controller in the past.

Remote controlers are every where now. Not only that, but also we can contact and communicate with strangers opposite side of the world now.

When you want to know, you can check someone up in the Internet too. So much information true and untrue in the Internet.

Many of my clients already told me in sessions that complexity in virtual communication such as in social media.

We can immediately know how our ex-partner is doing, who they are going out with. It would be even harder to move on when we want to.

In social media, blocking and unblocking. There are dramas in those actions everyday feel like mind games in their relationships, romances and break-ups for them.

Going back to the android here. As I mentioned, humans could take advantage of the android and harm them in the end.

We don’t know if the harm would be crime yet. Crime or not, how the mind set or experience would affect the offenders in human relationships after the incidents that we may concern.

Or how desposing the android feels like when we have to. Probably we will have guilt. The android may beg humans not to dispose then too.

We know how we feel when we have to abandon a puppy in changed circumstance. Furthermore, this android partner plays a part of intimacy so split would be feeling very complicated for humans.

We have heard of stories that some people take advantage of prostitutes and harm them. Something similar may happen to the android too.

Harming whatever the life should feel guilt with human minds though rapists and serial killers may not have the average mind and feelings so the situation would be even more complicated with androids.

In the future, single woman could say that my boyfriend is too demanding because he owned an android wife in the past. It could be a reason of break-up too.

In my assumption, older people get androids than younger people. Older people could be emotionally exhausted with getting along with partner in their lives.

Younger people got more emotional stamina to deal with partner’s complaints or arguments. They may enjoy even arguments as a part of relationships.

However older peole could feel different and they are wealthier than younger people.

Not only that, older peole adore youth and its beauty. In real life, it may be hesitant for them to pursue the younger partner though android could feel like dream come true easy for them.

Stress in human society is all about control. We always have our own ways to make things happen. We want to control the others too. We have wishes to pray for.

When things don’t go in the way or we can’t control the others, we feel stressed. In the repetitions of tries and errors, we tend to withdraw from human relationships.

In Japan, there is a term of “Hikikomori” that describe people who can’t step out from their own room for years.

In reality, we can’t dodge stress and nobody is immune to it.

The universe made us to learn from the stress, how to live hapily. We are getting familiar with the idea of “letting go of control”.

Furthermore, we are here to learn true love too. Kindness, generosity, compromise and true love makes us be considerate to the partners.

We are here to learn how to manage stress and free ourselves from the stress too.

Human world will go to the opposite direction of learning with the advanced technology. The circumstance is getting harder for us to learn letting go of control.

It should be even the universe’s will that humans learn letting go of control, true love and relationships in this difficult circumstances.

Of course, our true love will raise the vibrations of this earth too.

There are certainly things and people that we can’t control. We should surely know it and feel ok without control, I am sure that you will be happy then.

If you believe everything happening to you is positive, then you are surely a positive person.

When things look like against you, still find positive sides in them, then you are a positive person too.

Would you want to let control go? That is a step towards happiness. Hypnotherapy can make it happen to you!

Have a wonderful day!

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