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Daily conversation with the universe


I didn’t believe anything spiritual in the past. The reason why I became a certified hypnotherapist was just because the hypnotherapy was firmly based on science for the practice itself and therapeutic effects too.

How? First of all, hypnotherapy is a lot to do with “Inner Child” issues and as we know, “Inner child” is a theory in psychology. For example, something irritates you in your everyday life, not so important though we can’t get it out of our minds, or something very small depresses us to the devastated level.

We know that it is not about on-going events or incidents that depress us that much. Current events are just triggers of our negative emotions from our past.

For example, my clients typically tell me that they remember how devastated they felt when they were laying alone as a new born baby and felt no one would come and take care of them. They clearly felt like death was coming to them. Then they had to remember the feelings and this negative impact and feeling are called trauma already.

You may think that no one remembers anything as a new born, right? However scientifically yes, we do remember everything in our lives. All the memories are stored in our brains based on science.

Yet, we don’t remember everything that we know. Because we are using only around 5% of our brain in our “Conscious” level, which is everyday awakened state.

When we go into the state of “Subconscious”, the situation would be different then. “Subconscious” state is almost same as hypnotized state and we can use our brains up to 95% in the state.

Thus under hypnosis, a lot of us can retrieve a lot of memories in us stored in our brains. Memories that we didn’t even know that we had, they would come out in hypnosis.

For example, typically my clients felt like fatal experience of being kicked on when they felt fearful impact on them as fetuses. Some pregnant women have some physical impact like this in their pregnancy and the experience could let the fetus connect to the feeling of death already in the stage of their lives.

If you have this kind of experience as a fetus, you may be living with fear of death, something small leads you to panic state or you may have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder from the anxiety and fear.

I believe only hypnotherapy can bring us to the level of memory.

Not only that, but also we have to do rewriting of values and fear of death in the subconscious level to make the clients feel better.

Hypnothrapy makes it possible because we just have powerful brain condision in the subconscious state.

Whatever the problems we have, we need to know the reason why to solve them. And then we can solve the problem. Only hypnotherapy can do the both that I believe because of the powerfulness of the subconscious.

A lot of my clients tried exotic therapies such as having a hole in their skull to let the depression out of it. Or using LSD to feel better in the therapy. However their problems weren’t solved after all.

Finally they came to me as a last resort. Then it would be deepest pleasure when I can help those clients.

I came to some level of spiritual belief because of my practice as a hypnotherapist.

I don’t even know if it is spirituality or not though I can see, know or understand information or visuals in my clients’ subconscious.

I can’t explain how I can do it scientifically though I can do it and I came to acceptance to it already.

Well, I could no way to cancel the ability and talents either so I’d better accept it anyway.

I think I can explain about energy reading much better in science.

Energy is accumlated vibrations from our cells of 40 trillions in our bodys.

We have 40 trillion cells in our body and each one of them is vibrating and we are releasing the vibrations from our body. Those vibrations are called energy.

Thus, if that is vibrations, we should be able to feel them in our micro levels.

I feel my clients’ energy and it often times very different from their consiuos presentations in front of me. They don’t look like it though their energy often times tells me otherwise in the sessions.

Vibrations of 40 trillion cells in us should be relating to our emotions too so their conscious presentation could be very different from their true feelings inside them.

Often times, my clients don’t even know how they feel deep inside them in their “concsious” level.

About the fact that I can see visuals in my clients’ “Subconscious”, shouldn’t be that incredible because we just don’t know much about our brain functions at all in our science yet.

And also we have very high chance that we limit our capacity or ability just because we are taught what we can do or we can’t do as a child.

Now I believe that I could see or understand information and visuals in people’s “Subconscious” from my birth. However I was raised in a way that I couldn’t get to believe in my extra ordinary abilities because of it.

We highly tend to believe what we are told as a child so a lot of us can limit our own abilities because of it too.

It is called potentials that we don’t notice in our conscious though we have abilities inside us in our subconscious and I didn’t notice my potentials in all those years up to a few years ago.

I came along in this journey as a person and practitioner too and now aware of connections with the universe day by day.

The connection feels stronger and stronger lately such as being given things I need on time, people or chances. They are coming to me at a perfect timing. Money comes to me when I need it and I can run into people when I need them in my life.

Those are called “manifestation” and the timing is called “devine timing”.

And yet, we are tested often times if we believe in manifestation or divine timing or not by the universe. For example, a chance finally comes in the niche of the time or that happens to us when we are at the very tight corner almost losing our hope.

My clients have situations have multiple hardships at once or being hit at their soft spots in the worst timing ever.

They run into an alcoholic friend when they are getting over alcoholism on their own or one after another, they run into alcoholics in their recovery from alcoholism.

The universe tests us how strong we are and how strongly we can believe in ourselves. It sends challenges when we are not perfectly sure about our own faith.

I can talk about my own test a few days ago here. I never lost anything in my life though I lost my wallet a few days ago.

I left my entire wallet at a restaurant I had a dinner the other night and I didn’t even notice that I lost it up to the next evening.

I believe that the universe thought of me in the sense so I didn’t notice right away because it could minimize my panic.

I noticed that I didn’t have my wallet in a middle of a park but I thought I left it home.

I came home and didn’t find my wallet then my panic started. Just before I ran out to look for my wallet randomly, I remembered when I saw it last time.

The previous night I was so hungry and went to an Indian restaurant to have a dinner. Despite the random restaurant in a strange neighborhood, I clearly remembered the name of the restaurant some how.

I googled in a minute and called up the restaurant in a second. I said, my wallet and he said, “it’s me.”. He said that he met me the previous night.

The waiter served me answered the phone. He said that my wallet was kept by them. I ran out to get it and the owner came out and talked to me in his limited English.

He told me that I was lucky because he found my wallet in the restroom before anyone else found it. Everything was there, cash, credit cards, driver’s license and etc.

He told me that he was connected to the god so he doesn’t steal like others.

I remembered that I brought my wallet to the restroom and remembered to tell myself not to forget to bring it with me and I forgot, yes, apparently….

It had never happened to me in my life, I have to tell you but it happened in this time. I was moved by the incident and went home with the warm heart.

I didn’t even look for my wallet a bit at all after all. In five minutes since the moment when I realized that I lost my wallet, I came up with the idea of the restaurant I dinned. It was miraculous, it is.

This story didn’t end here. The next day, I went to yoga class at my gym. I did grocery shopping so I could take Uber in the occasion with grocery bags. As a matter of fact, I always take Uber in the occasion. However I wanted to take trains this time.

So I carried grocery bags and went to the train station that I didn’t go to for a while up to the day.

I got in the train and looked out and found a familiar face. Yes, the owner of the Indian restaurant was walking on the platform of the train station right there.

I couldn’t believe it though it was him all right. It was too far so I couldn’t talk to him though it was really him.

It wasn’t co-incidence, I thought that the next day of the incident, I ran into him at the station that I had never stepped onto for months. The station wasn’t the closest to the restaurant either.

He said that he was connected to the god and I believe that I am connected to him too.

Something strange happens to my life. I feel like now I am having a direct conversation with the universe.

Maybe the universe wanted to remind me how lucky I was. Or I am connected to him in past life or something like that.

I had never believed in past life though I came to believe into it now because many of my clients told me about the lives sounded like 100 years ago.

I have experiences to see lived in the life didn’t look like my own life at all many times in hypnosis.

I felt real living in the lives looking completely exotic or strange in the past hypnosis sessions or in self-hypnosis. I must believe them now.

Now I am looking forward to next message from the universe.

Have a wonderful day!!

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