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Decide what means what in your life


I am writing this column in New York City and in the City, everything is closed rather than deli, supermarkets or something serving food even public services like courts.

In this impact, things changed, I say, what do you say? Regarding environments, water got better and air got better because factories are closed and people stay home. This impact makes a good effect on this earth for sure.

As we hear a lot about COVID 19, news never have even a pause and running everyday. Not only that, but also I am receiving a lot of email including sales to aim for this rare business chance.

I am receiving some suggestion to change some business strategy because we are stuck in the house.

Unfortunately almost all of the media information is negative and I wonder how people are surviving in this negativity.

As a matter of fact, I usually don’t follow news or media just because I don’t feel much positive when I watch or read.

Right now in this situation, I follow some news because of the security reasons. However I don’t check details of this situation at all.

Because I don’t follow the news, I found that hand sanitizers were sold out before I got to know it.

I heard that food was running out in the grocery stores so I rushed to the Trader Joe’s and found a line there already.

Sometimes strange timing happens and in the morning, I had something very important that I couldn’t miss so I asked my adult adopted children to go to the Trader Joe’s. I asked them to go there at 10am.

I had no idea how long my agenda would take but it finished quickly with a very good outcome and I was standing in front of Trader Joe’s at 10am sharp. It was strangely perfect timing in the sense.

Furthermore, I had a playdate style birthday party of my twins’ on the weekend too and it was the last weekend before the school closed.

We didn’t know how the situation would go but I could make it happen as I planned because in the week, children were still going to school so they meet in the playdate or not was not so much of the issue at the time.

I told those parents that it is completely optional for them to stay or not and ended up we had only children played together in the party.

The school was closed on the following Monday so it was the last minute and lucky enough for them to enjoy together.

When I feel lucky, I tell my children with extra enthusiasm. I put extra accents on anything positive and happy to make them stand out from the rest in our lives.

It is my way of thinking and I wrote a whole book about it. If you are interested, it is selling in Amazon. Rules for Success-How to live happily is my book. Click here!

Having introducing my book, I said in my book that we are the person who decides what happened in our lives and what they mean to us.

Of course, we can’t let other decide what happened to our lives or what they meant to us or what our lives are about, right?