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Getting to know hypnotherapy


Do you know anything about hypnotherapy within scientific facts without myth?

Hypnosis may look mysterious and powerful. In movies and TV, hypnosis is described as powerful and evil force sometimes. Is it really true that hypnosis can control people?

Hypnosis is very safe and nothing to do with controling people at all. Hypnotherapy is the most effective therapy based on firm science rather than anything skeptical or suspicious amongst all the therapy techniques in this modern world.

As I mentioned, hypnosis can’t control people against their will or it is very different from brain wash, which takes much longer time and efforts than hypnosis to make it happen.

It is impossible to control someone against their will. If you are not a killer, there is no way for you to kill someone because you are suggested in hypnosis. You wouldn’t even take off your clothing unless you want to.

Hypnosis can’t work at all against someone’s will so you have to agree with receiving it before the execution. And also human minds wouldn’t let us do something completely outside of our comfort zone either.

I didn’t know anything about hypnosis when I went to have hypnotherapy first time. I decided to go to the hypnotherapy session to overcome my acrophobia when I had to live on the 28th floor.

Back in then, I obtained a Master of Social Work and fully trained and was supposed to pursue my own career as a psychotherapist.

I was not on the trail to pursue the career because I was already disappointed with subtle effects of psychotherapy when I performed as a professional. I gave up on my own career as a psychotherapist and unemployed already about 8 years at the time.

Once I had hypnotherapy treatment for my acrophobia, I was blown away of the effects and results. I wasn’t even satisfied with the effects of EMDR(Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) earlier than the time but pretty impressed with hypnotherapy.

The results were remarkable for even me as a professional psychotherapist. I decided right away to work on my self esteem and self image issues that I was carrying long time then.

I honestly felt like I found a magic wand to solve any problem that I got at the time. That was my impression from hypnotherapy.

This epiphany happened to me in a country of Singapore when we internationally relocated ourselves as a whole family from New York when we had a US visa issue for our adopted children who used to be my sister’s children.

I have lived in New York since 1999 and after my sister’s death, we decided to adopt her children as teenagers in 2011. We decided to live in Singapore because of living cost, legal clearance, and it was an English speaking country.

This episode of encounter with hypnosis makes me feel assure that there is no co-incidence in this world. Our life missions or fates were set to be fulfilled and also there is some rewards when we do it well.

Finding greatness of hypnosis felt me a reward and also I could set up my own life time career around it surely never feel me co-incidence rather than a life mission, fates and rewards.

I didn’t run into hypnosis if we didn’t live in Singapore, such a small country with lots of high rise buildings ended me up with living on the 28th floor.

It was set as I had acrophobia and go to hypnotherapy for it in Singapore. I felt that way.

With this life changing event of running into hypnosis, I changed my life, became a certified hypnotherapist after 8 years of unemployment.

Not only starting my career as a hypnotherapist, but also I ended up with publishing a book in Japan.