Grown-ups don’t get


Can you guess who my clients are coming to me for hypnotherapy? Are they very different from you all?

Some of them know that hypnotherapy is based on science for sure, some want to know about themselves in deeper levels, and some ran out of means to feel better with using traditional therapy performed in the conscious and looking for something new.

Some want to improve the productivity in any means at work or academic fields. In them, some of the parents bring their children to improve the academic performances in order for them to be accepted by great schools.

Simply saying, any of the above is quite possible in sessions of hypnotherapy and I am saying this as a trained psychotherapist and also a psychologist.

I was one of the psychotherapists who was frustrated with my clients’ improvement in the setting of me giving them therapy in the conscious levels.

We all know why scientifically regarding incredible effects from hypnotherapy with using subconscious power. We use our own brains 5% in our conscious and up to 95% in our subconscious. In the subconscious, our brain operating speed is 1,000,000 times faster than it in the conscious as a scientific fact.

The fact that successful people meditate and meditated state is close to the subconscious level. The more we meditate, the more chance we have random or intensional access to our subconscious that we can get daily basis for sure when we need our super power of subconscious to raise our productivity.

Yes, subconscious state is a very natural one visits us a few times a day randomly in our lives.

Subconscious state is randomly occurring state though we can get a lot of benefits from it. Of course, we have more chance to come up with great ideas and decisions to lead ourselves to success when we use our subconscious.

We surely want our subconscious mind on our side whenever we want whatever the purposes we have. Then we realize that random occurring is not a best option in the agenda.

We want to use subconscious state whenever we want as long as possible, yes? Then we need efforts to get onto the state and also stay in the state. It is called induction to begin with in the sense.

Induction takes only body and mind relaxation and the subconscious state that you get onto with induction process is called hypnotized state or hypnosis.

Yes, subconscious or hypnotized state is nothing but natural and usual state of ours and lets us use our own ability at our own maximum level for our own benefits. It is called hypnotherapy when we use it for self improvement purpose and also there is same type of element and effect in meditation too.

Is there any change in your values regarding hypnotherapy by this time reading through up to this point? I hope so. I am talking about learning something new and it is also about changing your values and perceptions in the process.

Hypnotherapy is to make use of your own maximum brain ability for your own success. It is true that all the answers are in you and ability to find out the truth of yours is also called potential discovery too.

One of your own values was tested today. Was it right value for you regarding hypnotherapy, prejudice or judgement?

Why the world we could only use 5% of our own brains in our usual state? Why do we have to carry a bigger size of brain if we always use only 5% of it?

As a creature, we should be giving our own best to survive in this world. Why do we use only 5% of our capacity?

We were surely given what we use and survive too. That means that we were meant to use our full capability from the beginning right?

Otherwise it doesn’t make sense. If we use only 5% all the time, 95% of our brain is there for nothing.

Yes, we were meant to use our own full potential. It makes sense all along, don’t you think?

That is another reason why hypnotherapy/subconscious therapy is given to us to reach our highest potential of ours to make this world a better place, I believe.

I also believe that I was given the mission to help people with using my highest ability to do good in this world.

I hope that your standards and perception changed up to this point today.

Whenever we receive new ideas, there is a chance for us to change our perception. However it is all up to us to make a change in us depending on our flexibility and judgements.

Also accepting new standard means that you let the old standards go. Normally younger people have less hard time to change themselves and we say that younger people are more flexible than older.

Playing the piano, skating or even studying. The younger, we absorb information better and no comparison with older people about this point.

As I mentioned, I help young students with their academic performances. Hypnotherapy is performed in the subconscious state so naturally your best would come out in the state.

Giving our own very best in our lives takes our own belief. To recognize your own belief to act on, subconscious power helps you too. How good you are and how much potential you have or there is limits in yourself or not. Those believes are in you to be recognized.

In your conscious level, within the 5% usage of your brain, none of those would be easy.

Young minds impress me. I only got information from books or people around me when I was in the age. However there is Internet now.

We can get a lot of information whatever you want in Internet. Enormous amount of information and flexible minds to absorb it. As I mentioned, young minds are flexible and capable to take anything in.

Laws of attraction and called as the universal laws is science now. Everyone smart and flexible enough can get to the information when they are looking for answers how this world is functioning.

I am not surprised at all when young minds understand new ideas better and practice it better than us and I am in the position to know it is happening already.

When I was much younger, “I can’t live without you.