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Happiness comes to you


My book, “Rules for Success-How to live happily” is going to be published on January 3, 2020!

I felt the same way when my book was published in Japan in 2017, editing makes the book amazing.

Of course I wrote the book though I felt like who wrote this book?

I wrote this English book and the sensation from the editing was even greater than the Japanese book.

Writing was completely brushed up and became sophisticated. I can’t wait for you to read my book!

This book is about how to live happily in everyday life as in the title. I went up to this age with no idea about what happiness is and one day, I ran into hypnosis because I was afraid of heights.

I wrote this book based on my own experience looking for happiness in my entire life.

The book is about what happiness is and how to be happy so the topic should be everyone’s interests for sure.

As I wrote in my own book, I changed my life because I ran into hypnotherapy.

When I was finishing my Master degree of Social Work, in the last semester, my own sister passed. After that, I got busy with my own twins and also adopted children who used to be my sister’s children.

I, then missed my opportunity to pursue my own career and because of US visa issues for the adopted children, we were unable to live in the US with those children.

We internationally relocated ourselves to Singapore in 2011. In the small country, we were destined to live on the 28th floor. I happened to be afraid of heights so I decided to go to hypnotherapy.

I obtained a Master of Social Work to be a therapist and trained and performed as a therapist already though I had no idea about hypnotherapy at all.

I just knew that hypnosis should work well for this kind of phobia so I wanted to fix the problem to get rid of discomfort to live on the 28th floor.

As the effects from the hypnotherapy was mind blowing and as I wasn’t satisfied with therapy performed in “Conscious” in my past, professionally and personally, I decided to work on my own issues with hypnotherapy.

I wasn’t thinking about changing my life or running a business at all then in my personal chaos of becoming a mother of four all of sudden without my own career.

However surely I wanted to improve my mood in my daily life because I had ups and downs in my mood and didn’t feel happy in my everyday life.

When we didn’t have a child, I thought having a child will bring me happiness. When my husband and I both went back to school for Master with financial stress, I thought wealth will make me happy in the future.

After all I didn’t feel happy when I got four children including my own twins and got wealth from then husband’s career success.

The fact that I didn’t feel happy after I got everything I wanted to get felt pretty shaky with my own value systems. I believed that I could feel happy when I gained something externally.

I felt like I hit the bottom because I didn