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Happiness comes to you


My book, “Rules for Success-How to live happily” is going to be published on January 3, 2020!

I felt the same way when my book was published in Japan in 2017, editing makes the book amazing.

Of course I wrote the book though I felt like who wrote this book?

I wrote this English book and the sensation from the editing was even greater than the Japanese book.

Writing was completely brushed up and became sophisticated. I can’t wait for you to read my book!

This book is about how to live happily in everyday life as in the title. I went up to this age with no idea about what happiness is and one day, I ran into hypnosis because I was afraid of heights.

I wrote this book based on my own experience looking for happiness in my entire life.

The book is about what happiness is and how to be happy so the topic should be everyone’s interests for sure.

As I wrote in my own book, I changed my life because I ran into hypnotherapy.

When I was finishing my Master degree of Social Work, in the last semester, my own sister passed. After that, I got busy with my own twins and also adopted children who used to be my sister’s children.

I, then missed my opportunity to pursue my own career and because of US visa issues for the adopted children, we were unable to live in the US with those children.

We internationally relocated ourselves to Singapore in 2011. In the small country, we were destined to live on the 28th floor. I happened to be afraid of heights so I decided to go to hypnotherapy.

I obtained a Master of Social Work to be a therapist and trained and performed as a therapist already though I had no idea about hypnotherapy at all.

I just knew that hypnosis should work well for this kind of phobia so I wanted to fix the problem to get rid of discomfort to live on the 28th floor.

As the effects from the hypnotherapy was mind blowing and as I wasn’t satisfied with therapy performed in “Conscious” in my past, professionally and personally, I decided to work on my own issues with hypnotherapy.

I wasn’t thinking about changing my life or running a business at all then in my personal chaos of becoming a mother of four all of sudden without my own career.

However surely I wanted to improve my mood in my daily life because I had ups and downs in my mood and didn’t feel happy in my everyday life.

When we didn’t have a child, I thought having a child will bring me happiness. When my husband and I both went back to school for Master with financial stress, I thought wealth will make me happy in the future.

After all I didn’t feel happy when I got four children including my own twins and got wealth from then husband’s career success.

The fact that I didn’t feel happy after I got everything I wanted to get felt pretty shaky with my own value systems. I believed that I could feel happy when I gained something externally.

I felt like I hit the bottom because I didn’t feel happy with external gains. I ran out of the means to be happy then at the timing, I ran into hypnosis.

When I had hypnotherapy sessions, I immediately had significant relief and felt lighter in myself. It was surely different from therapy sessions performed in “Conscious” in my past.

I absolutely got interested in hypnotherapy because of my background that I studied psychology in my Master program and performed as a therapist.

Again, the effects from hypnotherapy were amazing. “Conscious” therapy takes time for years though there is no such impression from hypnotherapy at all.

People asked me I became happy because I lost weight or because I built my own career of running business from unemployed situation.

I had my weight issue ever since I was eight and went to size 16 as largest and now in size 4. In weight, I lost probably 75 pounds from my heaviest time and 50 pounds from my Singapore days.

Although I never had hypnosis to lose weight. I didn’t become happy because I lost weight or running business either.

In the process of working out on my psychological issues including my inner child in hypnotherapy, I naturally started losing weight, becoming a business owner, and found myself happy one day.

I wrote the process in the details in my book so I am not going to talk about it any more here.

As I worked on my self in hypnotherapy, I gained a lot of days in good mood and felt light in myself in my body and mind.

While I was changing my life like that, my adopted children became much better in their mood and overcoming their mother/my sister’s death with a help of hypnosis too.

At the end, my adopted son had an amazing weight loss too and same time, his academic performance improved and got accepted by a great college from the place of being at the bottom of the class since his mother’s death.

Once he was kicked out from a private school in Singapore and we had a very difficult time then.

Again, I wrote a lot in my book regarding how we overcame the difficulties in Singapore so I am not repeating here. Although not only me, but also my adopted children changed their lives with hypnosis.

As I sometimes write here in my column, people find over-eating, over-drinking and some kind of behaviors so as consequences of the behaviors, alcoholism or obesity as problems.

People point their fingers on addictions and obesity. Although there are negativity and inner child issues even before the addictions and obesity. The negativity and inner child issues cause over-eating or over-drinking.

People tend to over-look and under-estimate the negativity or bad mood in our everyday life. People tend to feel existence of negativity is usual and don’t recognize as even a problem.

However actually the bad mood (negativity/negative energy) is a real problem to interfere our life and emotional well-being.

And whatever that is, over-eating, over-drinking or even drugs, when you have to do something you love a lot rather like excesively, it means that you have more negativity in you.

Some people have to over-work to distract themselves from their own negativity in them. In the case, productivity may not be high.

Some people have dependency on video games, TV or Youtube. Whatever that is, something you consume a lot of time on per day, it could be your own distractor to distract you from your own negativity in you.

Long lasting Internet surfing or video game. You may have a situation that you can’t stop doing them even though you have something you have to do.

As you have dependency on something and spend time more on it, your productivity would go down, of course.

In the sense, you may want to have a treatment for dependency on Internet or video games.

If your distractor is over-eating, over-drinking or smoking, addiction and obesity would be a problem for you.

Distractor itself becomes a problem then people go to rehab to fix the distractor. However the real problem is negativity in you not a distractor.

Yes, not just eliminating distractor of over-drinking and over-eating, but we can take care of the cause of the problematic behaviors, the negativity.

The cause is always negativity in you. So we take care of it then we can feel better in our everyday and also we wouldn’t have problematic behaviors either.

You could start drinking again after you go to a rehab and didn’t take care of your negativity.

Or you could stop drinking because of the rehab though you may start over-eating. Because your negativity is still in you and it waits to be taken care of and released from you.

It is very effective working on inner child and energy work to release the negativity in us and I believe that only subconscious/hypnotized state can truly help us.

Try today a therapy with using subconscious. I offer in-person sessions in New York City and Skype sessions are available any where in the world.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

Have a wonderful day!!

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