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How to keep high self esteem

Hello and Happy New Year !

I wanted to make sure it is the new year in any part of the world so I am greeting in this writing for the New Year!

I am truly grateful that a lot of people came to see me in my office in New York City and also in Skype in 2019! Also people pay attention to this website and take time to read columns. Thanks so much too!

It was a great experience that I could have in 2019 and in 2020, I am making even more effort to give better services in my all abilities. Thank you so much!

I wrote yesterday about confidence, self image and you are the only one person who decides who you are. It is important, isn’t it?

Now I want to talk about how to keep your self esteem high.

First of all, to keep your high self esteem, it is important for you to accept everything about you including good and bad points in you.

It is called “life” for all of us to have many accidents, incidents, events, episodes and etc in our lives. Adding to them, no one is perfect so we all have some issues and flaws in us.

We may go through teenage hating one of our features like our own nose. When we hate something like that, we may hate it to the bones, especially in the phase in our lives. Do you remember the phase in your life?

Even though we are not a teenager any more, we may feel difficult to accept ourselves including our flaws. However to keep our high self esteem, this agenda is unavoidable.

Self esteem and self confidence come from acceptance of self. They depend on how comfortable we feel with ourselves, including our virtues and also flaws.

As we all know, no one is perfect and we all have flaws. However it is going to be significantly difficult for us to have “secrets” like something we don’t want anyone to know about ourselves.

Then it is going to be very difficult for you to “speak out” or “stand up” for yourself with confidence. Of course, because you may feel like the “secrets” may be revealed in the speaking or communications.

Carrying something you don’t want anyone to know is like a cloud in you to weigh you down so you can’t act like a sparkling sunshine with the big cloud hidden in you.

I have clients who want to improve speech or work on their confidence, then the work would include self esteem issues at the end with the reasons.

Accepting whatever you have in you is a basic agenda to have high self esteem. With the reason, I am not a big fan of “detox” concept. The concept comes from the undeniable idea that we have toxin in us.

Accepting whatever you have in you means that any ingredients of you should be accepted by you. Often times, self esteem work working on some visible scars or something like that, works the same way. Accepting the scar would be crucial self esteem work in the setting.

Also whatever you have, you will decide what you have in you at the first place. That means that you will decide if you have poison or toxin in you or not.

Accepting everything about yourself is a basic idea leading you to self love so there is nothing conditional acceptance here.

In my clients, some of them already decided that they weren’t good so they are eager to purify or detoxify themselves to obtain high self esteem.