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How to manifest


People I meet asked me if my story that I wrote in the last column was true. Yes, it is.

I chose not to share everything about my life because it gets very personal though something unusual happens to me in my life.

I was told that I have unusual life time to time in my life by fortune tellers or others and about a few years ago, I got to know that I got very unusual natal charts of Astrology. My chart shows the Grand Cross that I was told very unusual.

On my natal chart, there are major planets position up 90 degree angles each other in the circle.

Thus my chart looks like a big cross on the circle of 360 degree divided into 4.

There is another chart called T Square in astrology, which is missing one of those aspects in Grand Cross and Marilyn Monroe and Ichiro got it I read.

Adding to that, I was told by one of my clients who was into numerology and my natal numbers were rare too and I could accomplish something others can’t accomplish.

I am flattered and I thought those readings are all coming from my birthdate. Yes, it is all about birthday….

I continuously being told that my life was unusual so that is why I might have got interested in how to live happily. I had always ups and downs so I naturally wanted to be grounded anyway.

I was feeling like unsatisfied or something was missing in my entire life up to the point of when I ran into hypnosis. Maybe because I was looking for stability more than others because I had ups and downs in my life.

After all, the curiosity and passion to pursue my happiness have me landed on my job so I believe it’s very positive. However all of ups and downs have made me pretty busy in my life, I have to tell you.

Yes, I want to talk about manifestation today. I know that Laws of Attraction has been famous for years. When you want something, you will get it in your believing.

Well, I believe that there are something you can attract or not in this world in my experience and also observation of this world no matter how much you want it.

In other words, you get it when it would work for good in this world or for yourself.

Of course, what the universe wants is good for this world so entire universal system is working towards good for sure.

In other words, something not good for this world or for yourself wouldn’t come to you in the sense.

For example, you want to win a lottery. If the winning would work for good for yourself or in this world, you may win. If you appreciate so much of it and share the appreciation in true way with your loved ones, yes you may win it.

There are some people in this world who won lottery and after all become very unhappy. Those were meant to have learning experience or others can learn a lot from their experience.

The chance was given by the universe and the universe just has to watch how we do that I can say.

In the case, there is benefit for other people to learn so the winning should have happened.

Then a question popped like can we get something we want in our lives?

The answer I have is that it is all up to you. If you give good impact to this world or contribute to raise vibrations of the earth, you may get what you want.

I hope that you know how to raise vibrations of the earth. We ourselves keep good energy on our own then the vibrations of the earth would be raised too.