How to manifest


People I meet asked me if my story that I wrote in the last column was true. Yes, it is.

I chose not to share everything about my life because it gets very personal though something unusual happens to me in my life.

I was told that I have unusual life time to time in my life by fortune tellers or others and about a few years ago, I got to know that I got very unusual natal charts of Astrology. My chart shows the Grand Cross that I was told very unusual.

On my natal chart, there are major planets position up 90 degree angles each other in the circle.

Thus my chart looks like a big cross on the circle of 360 degree divided into 4.

There is another chart called T Square in astrology, which is missing one of those aspects in Grand Cross and Marilyn Monroe and Ichiro got it I read.

Adding to that, I was told by one of my clients who was into numerology and my natal numbers were rare too and I could accomplish something others can’t accomplish.

I am flattered and I thought those readings are all coming from my birthdate. Yes, it is all about birthday….

I continuously being told that my life was unusual so that is why I might have got interested in how to live happily. I had always ups and downs so I naturally wanted to be grounded anyway.

I was feeling like unsatisfied or something was missing in my entire life up to the point of when I ran into hypnosis. Maybe because I was looking for stability more than others because I had ups and downs in my life.

After all, the curiosity and passion to pursue my happiness have me landed on my job so I believe it’s very positive. However all of ups and downs have made me pretty busy in my life, I have to tell you.

Yes, I want to talk about manifestation today. I know that Laws of Attraction has been famous for years. When you want something, you will get it in your believing.

Well, I believe that there are something you can attract or not in this world in my experience and also observation of this world no matter how much you want it.

In other words, you get it when it would work for good in this world or for yourself.

Of course, what the universe wants is good for this world so entire universal system is working towards good for sure.

In other words, something not good for this world or for yourself wouldn’t come to you in the sense.

For example, you want to win a lottery. If the winning would work for good for yourself or in this world, you may win. If you appreciate so much of it and share the appreciation in true way with your loved ones, yes you may win it.

There are some people in this world who won lottery and after all become very unhappy. Those were meant to have learning experience or others can learn a lot from their experience.

The chance was given by the universe and the universe just has to watch how we do that I can say.

In the case, there is benefit for other people to learn so the winning should have happened.

Then a question popped like can we get something we want in our lives?

The answer I have is that it is all up to you. If you give good impact to this world or contribute to raise vibrations of the earth, you may get what you want.

I hope that you know how to raise vibrations of the earth. We ourselves keep good energy on our own then the vibrations of the earth would be raised too.

Energy is vibrations of our 40 trillion cells in our bodies and those accumulate and we are releasing the vibrations from our bodies. We have 40 trillions of cells in us and each one of the cells are vibrating in micro level.

Some people are very sensitive to the vibrations and some people are not. I am very sensitive so I am an energy reader.

I believe that everyone can read energy in some levels. We say “good vibes” and “bad vibes” and those are meant to describe energy.

It’s been a while since I noticed that I could read people’s energy. Energy doesn’t lie while how people present themselves.

In my professional and personal life, I know energy travels in text or e-mail too.

When I get emotional, it would be harder to use subconscious so my energy reading wouldn’t be as good as it is in my calmness. It makes sense that people say we should make a decision in our calmness.

Subconscious state is very similar to hypnotized state. To hypnotize people, only things we need are body and mind relaxation.

In other words, we can always use our subconsious when our body and mind are relaxed. Subconscious is very friendly and much more down to earth than we ever think of.

We naturally use our subconscious a few times a day on our own so it is a natural state.

Going back to life mission, some people think of life missions or purposes in their lives. Because we are basically engaged with the program of the universe, of course so fulfilling our missions and purposes would raise the vibrations of the earth, I believe.

When we don’t have purposes, we may feel lost and have to live in this stressful life or suffer from depression or other symptoms.

Humans naturally want to have fulfilled life so as other animals in some levels. Of course because we are on the program of the universe after all.

We may misunderstand some goals or accomplishments as our missions or purposes and devote ourselves into the projects.

Some people just think of money making, some people just think of finding a right man and marry him. Humans naturally always accomplish something in their life.

As I observe my clients and other people, definitely humans are pusuing happiness. In so many different forms, we are always looking for fulfillments, love, or purposes.

That means that we are all looking for our own happiness.

We want money because we believe that having money makes us happy. Not only money but also marriage or success, we want them all because we believe that those would make us happy.

However non of them would make you happy in exact. When we get them all, surely we would know that those didn’t give us happiness.

I believed the theory in the past. I thought that I was going to be happy when I got married, rich or children.

However I had to know that I wasn’t happy when I got them all at some point of my life. I felt completely lost because my theory was wrong that I had to find then I ran into hypnosis and changed my life.

Yes, we are going back to manifestation. I think what I tell you here is different from the standard understanding of Laws of Attractions.

I pick up coins. Mostly pennies on the street. Sometimes I find 5 cents, dimes, or quarters or sometimes $20 bills.

What I do is to give the money into a charity box once in a while. Even though small amount of money, they’d rather to be used by someone rather than being on the street.

When I look them out, I can pick up 50 pennies on the street a week.

One day, at my station, I thought I saw a dime. I felt lucky because it was a dime. However I got closer, it wasn’t even a coin at all.

I took the train and went to a park to sunbathe then. In the park, I found a dime on the pavement.

As we know, pennies are brown and 5, 10 and 25 cent coins are silver. I saw the silver on the pavement showing off the shine.

I felt like first time I saw so clear manifestation in short time of period like this, finding the dime in the park.

I surely thought it was a dime at the station earlier so a dime was manifested in the park.

Because I believed that it was a dime at the station in my subconscious level, I say.

If it wasn’t subconscious, I might have felt regret or disappointed because after all it wasn’t a dime at the station.

I just be