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How to use your own subconscious power


Manhattan, New York is pretty much empty in this COVID-19 emergency. In the situation that 30,000 people are found infected in the US and 1/3 of patients are in New York State and most of them are around New York City area that is reported now.

The officials take this situation seriously and public schools are closed from last week and in this week, they started giving virtual classes to students staying at home.

My office in Wall Street is closed from the last week so I am not seeing any of my clients in person any more.

I recommended all of my clients Skype sessions. In the situation unknown how quickly we can recover from this emergency situation and also Skype session is as good as the in person sessions so why not?

Also I am introducing my book just published on January 3, 2020. I attached the photo of my book in this post. The book is “Rules for Success-How to live happily” and you can purchase it in Amazon. Click here. There is Kindle available so you stay home and want to read, it is a best opportunity!

I mainly offer sessions to work on “mind-sets”, behavioral issues, and past trauma issues including Inner Child issues. However I now focus on more “healing” as in energy work in this emergency situation.

Energy healing sessions are $90 for 30 minutes, $125 for 45 minutes and $160 for 60 minutes. Standard session is for 90 minutes and $250.00 however this normally runs to 2 hours.

I need to talk to my clients in depth before the actual subconscious sessions and I have to see how my clients do in the session too. That is why I say 90 to 120 minutes.

It is not like longer is better. Only a few though clients could get tired in their own subconscious. Pushing through the exhaustion is not good option so I should wrap it up a little sooner if in the case.

That is why I guarantee 90 minutes though it runs to 2 hours. Only a few clients had to be wrapped up sooner in the past, I say.

There is a clear reason why clients get tired. In the “Conscious”, which is normal state, we are using around 5% of our brain. However there is a state of “Subconscious” makes us use our brain up to 95% and brain operating speed will be then 1,000,000 times faster than “Conscious” state.

As I said before, we all creatures give our 100 % to survive, of course and humans shouldn’t be exceptional.

That is why it is surprising for me to know that we are using only 5% of our brain almost all the time. I bet that there should be a strong reason why physiologically makes sense.

Whatever the reason that is, usual usage is 5 % and the usage jumps up in “Subconscious” state such as our brain is super active, then we would consume a lot of energy then too.

That is the reason why clients could get tired. In my opinion, pushing through the exhaustion is not a best option for them to aim for the best results in the sessions.

Normally my clients start drifting when they get tired. That is when I have to decide how long we could go on to have the best results.

Some of my clients told me that they wanted to push through the exhaustion, however I wouldn’t recommend because naturally we don’t feel very positive when we are really tired, as we know especially when we want to solve long standing problems.

I have this job long enough and know psychology too so I avoid and don’t definitely push me through my own exhaustions when I want to make a big decision. Of course in the sense, it is not high possibility for anyone can make a positive decision.

It is not best time for you to make a big decision when you are tired and negative, right?

I’d rather to focus on healing or remove myself from the exhaustion when I am tired. For myself, I go to the healing forest in my subconsious and receive a lot of “lights” there.

When I do it, I feel healings occur. In physical way, I feel warmer and fell into a sleep most of the time. Then next morning, I find myself regained myself and be ready to make a big and best decision for myself.

If you want to make a good decision, you have to do it at your good condition. You shouldn’t do it when you are agitated, angry, or sad because you have much higher chance that you are in your “Conscious” level when you are emotional.

Of course. Because you have to calm if you want to use your own “Subconscious” so you are naturally in your “Conscious” when you are emotional.

As I always say, “Subconscious” is given to us for our use and very powerful. As I stated, it doesn’t make sense we are using only 5% of our brain in usual state.

That is why I believe that we are naturally encouraged to use this special power daily basis.

As I said, we as a creature, we have to give our very best to survive in this world. However we don’t, in fact that we usually use only 5% of our brain.

Probably because we just simply don’t need to use our full potential because we are already on the top of food chain anyway. We survive anyway without full usage of our own potential, I say.

When we are in the situation that we don’t have to use our own full potential, then we don’t use our own full potential. That is our nature as a creature too.

I still believe that we were programed to use our own full potential and improve our own species for sure. However we don’t have to use it so we don’t do it because we survive anyway.

It is not best for us not to improve in our own full potential. Even though we are on the top of food chain on this planet, we shouldn’t forget or neglect that we can evolve better.

Let me go back to the topic of “Subconscious” now. Subconscious is a natural state of ours and it visits us a few times a day naturally and automatically.

I say, great idea suddenly comes to us or all of sudden, we realize the solution to long sanding problems or something like that happen to us.

We feel like why we didn’t know the answer long time or we feel like the answer was right in front of us though we didn’t see it at all. Change of view point or eye opening feelings, whatever we call them that we always have.

That is Subconscious’s work for us. We didn’t work through it though our brain all of sudden find the answer. It is subconscious working for us because actually we all have the answers already in us though we just don’t know it in our conscious level.

As I said, In Subconscious, we can use up to 95% instead of 5% we usually do and in subconscious, brain operating speed becomes 1,000,000 times faster than conscious so it is the best of ourselves to solve any kinds of problems we can ever have.

Don’t you agree that we should fully use our own full potential? There is no reason why we don’t use our own subconscious at all!

Then a question would be “how”? Subconscious mostly comes to us when we are dead calm.

People say that successful people meditate and it makes sense because meditated state would come to you when you are calm.

There is easier way. We can use the technique of “induction” to lead us to the state of Subconscious.

Actually I use induction daily basis to myself and my clients.

Induction takes body relaxation first. When your body relaxed, you are very likely to have a mind relaxation too.

In body relaxation, I start with face. Face has a lot of nerves and muscles because we have facial expressions. Face is different from any other parts of our body because of it.

Relaxing face to body and then I use wave sounds or images of being in a small boat drifting in a nice water.

When the body is relaxed, we go into mind relaxation. Just simply counting numbers backwards. We do the same going into anesthesia.

Probably same logic in those situations and counting backwards feel us like stepping down the stairs one by one or going down deep in an elevator.

That is the way to reach out to the deeper mind.

I let my clients count from 20 to 0 and you are in your own subconscious when you count 0. Just like that.

And actually when you start using your subconscious with the induction technique, it is already called “hypnotized state” and also “hypnosis”.

In fact, natural subconscious and induced subconscious are very very similar. That is why hypnosis is a natural state of our subconscious however induced. That is a description of hypnosis, “induced subconsious”.

It is nothing dramatic as described on TV or movies. It feels like deepest meditation. As I said, some clients drifts when they are tired in hypnosis so being in the state or not is controlled by the person.

I try my clients to stay in their subconscious in the sessions. However they can get out any time when they don’t want to be there. That is the fact that I can’t or nobody can go against the recipients’ will in hypnosis.

That is why I can’t have my clients not to drift in the sessions.

Yes, subconscious/hypnotized state is a natural state and yet it is very powerful. That is why we should pay attention to what we have in our mind or what kind of mind set we have in the powerful state.

If you are in the most powerful mind of you, then you feel negative and enforce the feelings of negativity are not something you ever want to have.

That is why you want to have a guidance of experienced therapist at the situation.

I don’t recommend my clients “self hypnosis” until they feel better or more positive state. If you meditate daily or have a positive mind set already, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Would you want to experience your true power of you mind? The experience is a given mission to us to pursue.

I am looking forward to meeting you soon, well in Skype!

Have a wonderful day!

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