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I am proud ruby


As I announced, my book got published on January 3, 2020 and I am forever grateful with hard work that all people worked with me on my book! Thank you so much!

My book is sold in Amazon US in paper and Kindle versions so click here, if you are interested.

I currently don’t have any extra copies with me so I can’t provide a signed copy from my side for now. However I will be happy to sign on it when you have a copy with you!

I have a Japanese version with me so please e-mail me if you are interested in a signed Japanese version.

As I mentioned multiple times, publishing a book wasn’t my dream or passion at least in my conscious level. I appreciate how people congratulated me with great compliments though for me publishing books just came to me without so much efforts.

I don’t want to sound arrogant here at all and I realized the fact that whatever that is, it is difficult if I decided that it would be difficult.

Whatever that is, if you believe what it is, that is truth for you. If you believe that something is very difficult, it would be difficult all the way.

Our belief is truth and truth is always we are supposed to face in this world.

It is us to decide what is difficult or not. In fact, we can decide that nothing is difficult too.

If you want to publish a book, you can publish any time. You can write a book and bring it to a printing company and print it. Anyone can do it.

However if you want to have a publisher to publish your book, the publisher should like your writing and the book. In the part, people say it would be hard to accomplish.

In my case, I almost got a book deal effortlessly in Japan and published it. Then I had been asked if the English book was available so many times.

Then I started thinking of publishing an English book in the US somehow in E-book or something. At the timing, I just got an e-mail from a publisher regarding publishing the very same book in English.

It was like that seems like as we carefully planned though the book publishing just happened in the way.

I learned a great deal in translating and editing process too. Languages and wording are tricky enough to express my own concepts in right ways in the process.

That is why I admire hard-work of my translators and editors and also anyone who worked so hard on my book. Thank you so much again!

In New York City office and in Skype, I work with people who got different issues and problems, different cultures, different mind sets and so on to help them find their own happiness.

I have naturally lots of say as much as I could write books about happiness. However I am learning lots too through my personal life and also in sessions with my clients.

It happens everyday for me to find clearer visions and thoughts about particular subjects regarding happiness and emotional well-being.

In other words, I am a few steps ahead from people about how to live happily and they ask me questions and we will find answers together.

In fact, I feel better whatever the situation or stress I am in. My work is pretty positive so it will raise my energy/vibration anyway when I am on the mission.

That is why I am thankful to my own work as a therapist too.

A while ago, I was writing columns for a Japanese local newspapers and I still remember that there was my favorite one that I sometimes use it as an example to talk to my clients.

It was a column, feeling like a diamond. I am repeatedly writing about this so please bare with me. The column is about what will happen to you everyday when you feel like a diamond.

Yes, please take a moment or two and feel like a diamond.

First of all, everyone is excited to see you all the time. You hear everyone says, “I am looking forward to meeting you!”. However the saying is not just a compliment.

In a true way, they are excited and looking forward to meeting you without any doubts. They want to kiss you and smooch you in the meeting for sure too.

Not only that, but also you will never have any thoughts if new people you will meet in the future will like you or not. Isn’t that true?

They will madly love you for sure when you are a diamond. And they will love you even more as they know you in a deeper level.

They want to know you better for sure because they want to find why you are so beautiful and magnetic.

You will never feel insecure or anxious because how they will think of you. You will never have an expectation of mediocre encounters or relationships.

If it is a romantic relationship, it is all up to you that the encounter will be a romance of a century or not because they will fall in love with you anyway.

You are a diamond so there is no chance for anyone not to fall in love with you. Once in a second, someone sees your glows and shines, they will fall in love with you.

Just because you are a diamond.

There shouldn’t be a problem to make a speech in front of thousands people when you are a diamond.

In fact, I get clients who want to improve their speeches. Public speaking is highly relating to self image, of course.

Having a high self image is necessary because you have to feel comfortable with yourself when you deal with a large audience in front of you.

You have to be feeling like you should be accepted by them. You have to feel comfortable with yourself to feel the way too.

It is not just about you are right but It is about loving your ideas even it is new or different from standard. Whatever you speak, or your own ideas, you have to feel comfortable with them then, you feel comfortable standing alone in front of the audience and can speak well.

Isn’t that true?

However it would be uncomfortable when you have something in you that you can’t accept or feel uncomfortable.

You can recognize the discomfort in your conscious or not, it doesn’t matter. If you feel uncomfortable with yourself or parts of yourself in subconscious level, it could make public speaking uneasy.

Of course. We will feel others feel uncomfortable with us when we feel uncomfortable with ourselves.

In other way to say, no one can persuade you when you feel uncomfortable with yourself. We actually decide how others feel about us, don’t we?

When you got something bothers you about yourself, it would be waste someone tries to talk you out that it is not an issue. Yes, you decide pretty much how others perceive you including liking you or not, of course.

That is why we should have high self image and self esteem for sure to have a happy life.

Going back to speak about a diamond. It is quite possible for us to have high self esteem when we are not diamonds. For example, feeling like beautiful ruby. How is that?

You can feel like, “I am proud ruby even though the world fell for diamonds. However I love my color so I don’t care if the world is raving for diamonds because, look at this color, no diamonds got it.”.

In real life, I can use an example of people who changed concepts of beauty, such as Jeniffer Lopez. Before her, women’s tush was preferred to be small.

However because of her, we got different definition of attraction that larger tush is great.

We can say that we are not diamonds. However we love ourselves and we are the people who would change the definition of success in the world and we can believe in ourselves.

For example, some women work hard in men’s industry. We can’t say of course that those beautiful women will never lead the industry.

When you are a woman in the men’s field, you may not feel like a diamond. However proud ruby got a great chance to succeed even more amazingly than diamonds.

The proud ruby has to love who they are in deeper level and know their worth too.

Our standard and definition may be shifted and one day, ruby would be the best in the world.

Then diamonds can’t be winning just because they are diamonds.

Of course, standards and values always change. Demand and supply, price and values. All of the above can create certain type of images in this world. Those images will change our perceptions and of course our belief.

Of course our belief is something we believe.

Diamonds’ value will go down when we find diamonds every where. Diamonds could be as cheap as plastic in the sense. However diamonds glow in the same way as before. It doesn’t matter they are expensive or not.

Our values change anyway so we may feel like diamonds worthless because diamonds are not rare any more.

I personally believe that diamonds are always beautiful even when the values go down.

How about clouds and sky, or sunshine? They are as free as birds and provide us anyway without any price. However they are truly beautiful all the time.

I believe that beauties should be respected and adored no matter what and how much is the price tag.

Say, I am proud ruby and I love being ruby. Then probably, emerald and sapphire would have something to say too.

True self esteem would decide who we are and of course our worth too.

We all should know our worth no matter what others say or no need to compare self with others either. Then the path will be cleared to go on.

We can always obtain a better mind set with using subconscious. When you want to feel like diamond or ruby, I can help you. I am looking forward to listening to your own stories soon.

Have a wonderful day!

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