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Immune and energy


I hope that everyone is well in this world. In New York City, we have mild winter without lots of snow. However I heard that Influenza is hitting a lot of people in the US.

I actually didn’t know it. However I hear a lot about Coronavirus that local and global news taking it more seriously.

I normally don’t watch news on TV because I just don’t feel great about them. I am so sure that so many wonderful things are happening in this world though news tend to bring up something terrible and raise people’s fear to the higher levels. I know it is one of those marketing technique of fear tactics and I am not interested in those….

I still remember 911. On the day, I was in Manhattan and so many people were still in the park enjoying the weather at peace without knowing the terrible incident in the lower Manhattan.

People must have thought watching the news on the day that entire Manhattan got melt down but in reality, it wasn’t like that at all.

The reasons why I am not so much aware of flu or Coronavirus are probably I tend not to get sick anyway in my everyday life.

When my children were small, they sometimes got coughing or runny nose although they never had a high fever up to today they are almost 10 years old.

People say that small children always get sick and have fever but my children didn’t. In the school years, my son got perfect attendance five years in a row and my daughter missed only a day because she got a slight fever once.

I don’t remember the last time I was sick either. I don’t have coughing or runny nose even though other parents tend to get sick living with small children

As you know, we have adopted children in their 20’s and they should be much stronger than me. However they get sick sometimes and some kind of contrast is made in-between us despite our age differences.

Although I was always sick before I ran into hypnotherapy in my life. Runny nose, coughing, digestion problems and also pains in my body in those days of pre-hypnotherapy.

Especially my neck was terrible and even now sometimes it is bad though it is much better than before. In reality, as I get older, I got healthier. It is strange though I believe that immune and our energy are relating to each other so that is why.

I say that my energy significantly got better after I ran into hypnotherapy and worked on my emotional issues.

Energy is vibrations coming from 40 trillion micro cells in us. Each one of the micro cells is vibrating and the vibration is a proof of life.

Energy is vibration released from our body in the way. Energy is vibrations of our own micro cells in us. So energy should be relating to everything in us.

Energy should tell us how we are doing, what we eat with whom, what kind of weather or feelings in us.

Since energy is vibrations, we should be feeling them in the micro level. Some people are more sensitive and can read the vibration better than the others and they are called energy readers.

I am one of those energy readers. I can feel energy of my clients even before they notice their own energy.

I started saying what I feel to my clients with their permission a while ago. Just because the treatment goes faster in the way.

A lot of people believe that they don’t feel anything but energy never lies. In an obvious example, people deny being scared though they are scared in fact sometimes.

That is an extreme example though some people wouldn’t notice their own energy when they get used to the energy.

For example, tension. Some people don’t know how tensed they are because the tension already became usual state for them.

Some people, for instance, were abused in their childhood so they are afraid of being attacked some how again so they get tensed in daily life.

When you are tensed, your body gets hard. However you could get used to the condition so you don’t even know that you are tensed.

Of course symptom would be there like muscle tension even when you don’t notice. When tension goes on, you may feel harder to move around so you may go to massage or acupuncture.

There should be temporary relief from the treatments though symptom would come back because you have a mood of tension anyway from the abuse that you received as a child.

Yes, body and mind are always together. In precise, body and brain and brain is a part of our body anyway.

Our mind set always influences our physical condition too. When we have much stress, our digestion goes down so as our immunes.

In modern society, we know all of diseases are some how caused by stresses.

I say, even though I get older, my immune is stronger now so I don’t get sick because hypnotherapy changed my life and my energy was dramatically improved.

Mind set effects on your attitudes. Attitude is actually a part of mind set though it is also about posture too.

When you are shy, you have higher chance to look down and you might hurt your neck.

When you tend to regret a lot, you may pick up a habit to grind your teeth.

We may grind our teeth much more in our sleep, I think. In fact, we are so emotional in our sleep.

When we are awake, we may suppress our feelings such as regret.

However the regret is significant, it is a trauma too. Trauma is events, accidents, incidents or thoughts that impact life in negative way.

When we have trauma in us, our brain will try to resolve it until it feels safe. That is why the regretful feeling comes back to us again and again to be resolved.

You can’t get rid of the thoughts because your brain is trying to process the trauma. Your brain has to feel safe so it tries to solve it again and again.

If you try not to think about the trauma because you feel uncomfortable in day time, it will appear in your dreams. You may not remember the dreams though it is natural for your brain to process the trauma on its nature in your sleep or awake.

We tend not to allow us to think about trauma to resolve in day time, the brain will have to do it in our sleep when our conscious is gone. It is brain’s job and nature to do so.

As I mentioned, we don’t remember every dream. However we can wake up with bad feelings and don’t know why sometimes. That might be a result of resolving trauma in our sleep.

When someone grinds their teeth in the level of hurting ourselves, a lot of regrets or hard feelings could be behind the behavior.

In the case, it is not surprising if the person got terribly abused as a child.

Our mind and body are always looking for a chance to express our feelings in unique ways…

Panic attacks and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) are mentally caused. Any pains, even when they are based on medical causes, the intensity of the pain is always relating to mentality.

About pain like headache, if it gets habitual, in a second it begins, you may feel like “not again” then the pain could be intensified just because of your thoughts of “not again”.

When we feel like we can’t get away from the pain, it feels like even more painful and it is natural for us to feel that way.

That is why it totally makes sense for anyone try to stop or reduce the pain in hypnosis.

Panic attack is like a force quit. Panic attack can create a situation that you don’t have to go to the place where you don’t want to go to. Because of the panic attack, you don’t have to go to the office any more.

Whenever you didn’t listen to your own voice first, “You don’t want to go there. The force quit has to come to rescue you.

Typical good child who never said no to anyone can have panic attack in their adulthood. They already picked up a habit not saying no to anything.

So they go there however they feel, no matter what, everyday ignoring their own voice of “I don’t want to go there.”

When you don’t listen to your own voice, your body should stop you one day. That is the force quit as mentioned.

In the case of panic attack, it is not you said no but you couldn’t go because you got sick in the train to go there so it is not even your fault. It works out perfect in the sense too.

IBS is similar to panic attack. When your stomach is bad, you don’t have to be there, you don’t have to stay there or you can go home.

And also digestive system is an outlet when you have something you don’t want to keep such as bad feelings.

When you feel bad because of bad events, you may create bad hormones in yourself. Then you have to let it out because you don’t feel good with it.

Of course, you don’t like keeping something uncomfortable in you. Food poisoning is a physical example. You will let everything out when you got poison in you.

That happens with bad food and also bad feelings in the same mechanism. We may have to vomit when we got a terrible news.

In the sense, IBS is like a digestive version of panic attack.

Pain could be emotional including the causes and effects. If there is no medical reasons, it should be psychological.

For example, a pianist throws up before the big piano concert.

As a pianist, they understand that they have to play in front of people and they will be successful when the concert is well received.

However they couldn’t get rid of the fear of failure sometimes and they could find a way not to be able to play.

Vomiting probably wouldn’t stop them from playing though unbearable pain may stop them from playing.

They may say, “I want to play.” However the person stopping them from playing is actually themselves, at least the situation looks that way.

Human minds are complicated. How much ever we want our own success, we have to find ourselves to deserve the success in true way when we want the success.

Otherwise, we may have terrible pain in our fingers and can’t play. We should believe that we deserve the big success to be able to become truly successful, that is why.

When we feel like undeserving, we may get creative to keep ourselves from our own success.

We have to be positive too. We can’t play because of pain when our fear of failure and embarrasements win over our belief of sweet sweet success.

We may feel we’d rather not to play because we are very likely to fail.

The fears alway come from our past. Those come from our Inner Child. Inner Child can’t forget a big failure and scared of it since then, the feelings can cause symptoms like pain in this case.

Deserving is about high self image and self-esteem. Those are built in our childhood right?

However confident people look, they all have their own Inner Child in them. Those are children who believe that they are scared or they are not good enough.

We know that we deserve our own success, well, as an adult. However our Inner Child is just scared to fail in us.

Hypnotherapy can treat those childhood issues. Whatever symptoms on your body can come from your mind too.

Do you want to have a success? I am looking forward to meeting you!

Have a wonderful day!

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