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Investment to succeed

Updated: Apr 28, 2020


Whatever that is, diet, or mind-set, sometimes things go excellent without so much efforts. However to be able to keep up the pace and goodness or not is completely another subject.

Rebound of diet and gaining all weight back or wishing we had the passion and hope in the old days. We hear the kind of stories often times.

Not only diet, but also mind-set and positiveness, it is rather more difficult to keep up the good faith daily basis.

Happans all the time, good faith keeps up for a few days or even over few weeks.

However then life happens. Events that discourage and put us down to close to the ground then it becomes difficult for any of us to keep up the good faith.

Mood and mind-set, yes, those are energy too. Energy is fluid and changeable. Energy is like water so change the shape and feel.

So it is so important for us to keep the source clean and origin good. Then we can keep our energy as high-vibrations.

A few clients of mine had a good motivation and faith when they make an appointment. They sometimes have urge to do something for the situation that they got.

Feeling down, romantic partner feels rather cold, panic attack got worsen, OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) became unbearable.

However we Japanese say that quickly forget the unbearable heat when it passed through our throat. Yes, in a second, have a second thought of manageable the situation.

Of course, everyone feels troublesome to deal with our own problems. So we want to think that things are ok over all.

It doesn’t feel like positiveness here but feels like “Denial”.

Yes, people compare their own situation with others’ in this world. It is not as bad as others’ or this feels like even everyone’s problem.

I agree, it is always worse situation and circumstances in this world and also better and best ones as well in this same world.

It is not about competitions or comparisons. It is about your own wellness and deserving, isn’t it?

In daily life or relationships, we know that there is a problem. However we want to feel everything is ok. There are people in worse situation so we should be fine, we want to think.

We want to procrastinate to solve our problems day by day.

Yes, it is procrastination. By the way, why do we want to procrastinate?

There is no reason at all if the outcome would be wonderful in the change. Why would we wait to have something great and wonderful?

Procrastination comes from a mind-set of this new idea or change wouldn’t bring anything good or nothing good would happen anyway in the life.

We all naturally have instinct to hesitate any change as a human. Not only humans but also any animals and creatures take changes as a challenge.

Because any change would always take some adjustments and adjustments are challenge for any life, that is why.

And yet, we humans with high intelligence have a mind of enjoying changes and thrills. We get bored when things are the same all the time. Our intelligence gives us luxury like this.

Although in bad mood, we tend to be afraid of changes and in good mood, we can feel welcome any changes. Thus when problems hit us, we can say that we are already in a vulnerable place.