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Investment to succeed

Updated: Apr 28, 2020


Whatever that is, diet, or mind-set, sometimes things go excellent without so much efforts. However to be able to keep up the pace and goodness or not is completely another subject.

Rebound of diet and gaining all weight back or wishing we had the passion and hope in the old days. We hear the kind of stories often times.

Not only diet, but also mind-set and positiveness, it is rather more difficult to keep up the good faith daily basis.

Happans all the time, good faith keeps up for a few days or even over few weeks.

However then life happens. Events that discourage and put us down to close to the ground then it becomes difficult for any of us to keep up the good faith.

Mood and mind-set, yes, those are energy too. Energy is fluid and changeable. Energy is like water so change the shape and feel.

So it is so important for us to keep the source clean and origin good. Then we can keep our energy as high-vibrations.

A few clients of mine had a good motivation and faith when they make an appointment. They sometimes have urge to do something for the situation that they got.

Feeling down, romantic partner feels rather cold, panic attack got worsen, OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) became unbearable.

However we Japanese say that quickly forget the unbearable heat when it passed through our throat. Yes, in a second, have a second thought of manageable the situation.

Of course, everyone feels troublesome to deal with our own problems. So we want to think that things are ok over all.

It doesn’t feel like positiveness here but feels like “Denial”.

Yes, people compare their own situation with others’ in this world. It is not as bad as others’ or this feels like even everyone’s problem.

I agree, it is always worse situation and circumstances in this world and also better and best ones as well in this same world.

It is not about competitions or comparisons. It is about your own wellness and deserving, isn’t it?

In daily life or relationships, we know that there is a problem. However we want to feel everything is ok. There are people in worse situation so we should be fine, we want to think.

We want to procrastinate to solve our problems day by day.

Yes, it is procrastination. By the way, why do we want to procrastinate?

There is no reason at all if the outcome would be wonderful in the change. Why would we wait to have something great and wonderful?

Procrastination comes from a mind-set of this new idea or change wouldn’t bring anything good or nothing good would happen anyway in the life.

We all naturally have instinct to hesitate any change as a human. Not only humans but also any animals and creatures take changes as a challenge.

Because any change would always take some adjustments and adjustments are challenge for any life, that is why.

And yet, we humans with high intelligence have a mind of enjoying changes and thrills. We get bored when things are the same all the time. Our intelligence gives us luxury like this.

Although in bad mood, we tend to be afraid of changes and in good mood, we can feel welcome any changes. Thus when problems hit us, we can say that we are already in a vulnerable place.

That is why my clients sometimes have procrastination to come to a session. It is only a few though some of them have to cancel a session in the last minute for the reasons.

Sometimes taking some break is not a best idea in the situation. In Japanese, we say that it is the best to beat and shape iron when it is hot. Isn’t it true?

I offer a package deal of sessions. I ask my clients to pay up front for 5 sessions in the deal without refund.

This commitment encourages my clients to keep coming to sessions.

This paying up front is a commitment and investment so it raises their expectations. Of course, when you commit, you have to have high expectation, don’t we?

If it’s diet, you can put some money for gym or make a big announcement to people around you that you will absolutely lose weight. In this, you wouldn’t allow yourself to withdraw.

This decision would bring you higher success of course!

Diet, relationships, or even investments. If you bet big, you would rely on the high return. The more time and efforts that you put in something, you truly want to make it work!

What is preventing you from this big investment? It is always fear to disappoint and avoid high expectation. It is negative outlook of future. It is very unfortunate for anyone to do it.

When you don’t decide to invest today, the next time may be years later possibly in very difficult situations.

I try to feel positive here though, it is common to have clients who never touched their spouse for years or unfavorable relationship problem go on for 10 or more years, they say.

Finally they appear before me is a few days later from the day their partner actually left them. Partners’ departure could bring them to solve their problems.

Of course it is still good and better than doing nothing for the situation though. I hope that we have courage to solve the problems when we just got it.

I have clients who procrastinate, as well as other unique problems and circumstances that they have.

For example, being late every time for one hour or 90 minutes. It is truly hustle for them to come to a session on time. Well, they can’t come on time in reality.

Not only coming to sessions, but also it is difficult for them to manage their lives in daily life and there are always reasons why they are late.

There is no exception for it. We behaive in certain way because of reasons and we can fix the problem when we capture the reason.

Habits of procrastination as well. As a child, didn’t you hear to finish eating, finish whatever the things you had to do or do things you have to do before watching TV.

Reasons vary. Past incidents and events. Or simply being afraid of changes or maybe feeling undeserving to something wonderful. Then it is about self images and self esteem.

It becomes hard to do something good to yourself when you feel undeserving and this could lead you to missing great opportunities coming toward you.

In the sense, we may need extra encouragement. That is why I offer the package deal. Paying up front and invest, then we will have higher chance to succeed.

Not only the benefits for my clients though something good for me too.

With the package deal, I can plan sessions better. I honestly have less pressure in the first session and take it in a best course of sessions.

I definitely do better at sessions when I know that the clients would come back to the second session.

Chiropractics, exercise, whatever that is, we have to take a best course. It is best course of actions to bring a best result for us in our body and mind.

Of course, body and mind work the same way over all.

Hypnotherapy can bring you a visible results from the first session far different from any other therapy sessions. However it is not a magic either. And definitely we don’t want to push ourselves too hard.

Hypnotherapy wouldn’t have clients come back to me every week for years such as therapy sessions performed in their “Conscious” at all. It is always a short term.

However considering a few sessions to take should be a best expectation for first timers.

That is why I recommend 5 session in a package deal.

Come and experience once. Then sign up for the package deal would lower a cost per session.

Then again, investment and having high motivation would bring you a best result at the end.

Hypnosis changes lives. I am one of the people who completely changed the life. That is why I want to help people change their lives as many as they want to.

This is about self investment. To be beautiful, younger, successful or fixing something not working for you. Whatever we need, we can do it to our body and mind.

Hypnosis can give you complete make over in your life!

In this Christmas season, consider self investment and change your life! I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

Have a wonderful day!

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