It’s all good in life


It was warm in 70 today in New York City. I enjoyed tights free legs once in a while. How are you?

I feel like everyday I learn something. Lately I thought of Corona Virus. I have lots of clients who feel so anxious with the virus. In New York, some infected people were found and schools may be closed in the near future that people are saying.

I am not sure why the virus is such a fear though it is treated as a big deal as media brings it so big.

People ask me if I am worried but I am not. My ex-husband asked me too and I said no.

Then he asked me if I suggest my children to wash their hands and I said of course. Optimism is very different from recklessness, right?

I don’t know much about the virus though probably the odds to be infected are as low as winning a lottery?

It depends on which lottery though it is probably like that. However I never run into someone planning what to do with money when they win lottery though people are worried about the virus.

Isn’t it something wrong? Same kinds of odds though we feel like getting sick but we wouldn’t win a lottery ever ?

Some may notice that we have only a few people who think something great happen to them while a lot of people think that bad things happen to them.

It is famous that Mr. Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic asked if they were lucky or not in the job interviews for his company.

He hired only applicants who answered that they were lucky. Do you feel lucky?

Mr. Matsushita believed that he was lucky too. The reason was unique. He was about to be drowned once however he survived because it was summer so the water wasn’t cold.

It might be strange if you feel lucky with the experience of being drowned. Everyone feels strange though I believe that he was very lucky because he didn’t die.

Why lots more people think that bad things happen to them?

This is about positive thinking right? If you can believe that good things happen to you or not.

In the sense, there are many more negative people than positive ones, I say.

In fact, human brain naturally remembers bad things more than good things because of our built in defense mechanism.

For any creature, death is the worst because we carry our precious DNA to the next generations to pass on. To avoid death, we have innate defense mechanism in us.

By the way, some people come to me to erase their fear. However it is impossible to erase the feeling of fear in them.

Because fear is working in the system of defense mechanism and without fear, we can get killed any minutes.

We need fear not to get ourselves killed quickly so we can’t erase our fear or we wouldn’t want to erase our fear. Trust me, you don’t want to climb up to the high building without fear, right? Fear actually protects us.

However living in the fear everyday is not good for our body and mind. Like PTSD, those people are living in the fear everyday basically, technically they don’t know the danger is the past in deeper level.

Not only fear but also anxiety or any other kinds of negative feelings naturally come to us and we can’t avoid them either. However if you live with negative feelings everyday, hypnotherapy can help you.

The defense mechanism not to get ourselves killed, the mission for us to go on without death will make us remember negative events much better than the positive ones.

We can remember positive events and that’s wonderful though I must say that the priority is much lower than the purpose of protecting our lives as the life forces.

Our brain works great so we will never walk in a darkness once after we got attacked by a tiger in the same darkness.

We will never forget the fear of life threatening events because of our defense mechanism. Because we have to remember it precisely and deeply to avoid the same type of situation happen to us again.

Not only death, but also any pain including heartache. Deceived, heart broken, betrayed, then we decide strongly not to trust anyone ever again or not to fall in love again.

Our nature just tells us not to taste the pain again.

As a matter of fact, in our lives, probably, good and bad things happened in the odds of 50 and 50. However how many of us feel that way?

Because we remember bad events much better so we naturally believe that bad things happen to us a lot more than good things.

Thus in fact, being positive living in our life is actually a challenging task for us and going against our own nature.

Going back to the topic of Corona Virus. I was given a mask at my doctor’s visit, I couldn’t get hand sanitizer any where in my daily life.

I asked an Uber driver how their business was. Seemed like they do well because some people already gave up on train ride because of the virus.

I started talking to him that it would be a quite experience if we get Corona Virus. In the hypothetical situation, I said I would tell my friends, ” you know what, I got Corona Virus.”

Friends would be terrified. Then I would tell them, “I am ok, it wasn’t that bad.”. He and I were laughing and talking.

Are we crazy or not?