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Laws of regrets and blames


Have you ever thought of ways to improve your life or how, or anything wrong to do with yourself in your daily life?

If you have, this column may be able to help you today.

Challenges never stop coming to you in your life. It is a life contains full of joys but also challenges.

How old you are as a child or not, the situation is the same. As we grow up, we start understanding dilemma, conflicts, or frictions in between people or situations.

Yes, again, that is the life about. If you see people who have no challenge in their lives, probably it is misunderstanding or misconception about the person.

However you have to be aware that they are many people who seem like having no challenge. I get the comments and impressions from others too. Some people say that I seem to have no challenge or no problem in my life although it is quite opposite in the real situation here.

I must say that as many times as I stated, it is up to you if you take the challenges in your life as negative or rather as positive because you can learn a great deal.

Probably, overall, challenges are given to everyone evenly even though it seems like some people have more challenges than others for sure.

I feel like I may have out of standard life like, I was born in a very small town in Japan though ended up with living in New York City with my brand new family that I built and running a business on my own.

Adding to those, it is amazing for me to have published books in Japan and the US.

After sudden death of my sister, my ex-husband and I adopted her children as teenagers and I ended up with being a mother of 4 children including my own twins.

I feel like that my life is out of standard because of those events happened to me in my life.

Of course, I can’t disclose everything about my life though there is tendency that something extra ordinary happens to me in my life for sure.

The out of ordinary life of mine shows in my natal astrology charts or any other charts, I say. In astrology, I got “Grand Cross” in my natal chart that is extra ordinary with a lot of challenges in the life.

In Japanese fortune telling, I found that my chart was out of ordinary so as numerology. I was told that I got master numbers in my natal numbers by people who are into the numerology.

Hey, I didn’t ask for it but astrology, the Japanese fortune telling or numerology are calculated based on my birthday so it is not surprising for them to have the same type of results in my charts.

Birthday is the day we came out to this world so it should be special science and also spirituality wise.

Of course, it is not always just about birthday deciding our lives. My twins show differences in many ways each other even though they share the same birthdays each other.

Anyway, there are lives with many extra ordinary events and I see many of them in my personal life and also professional life in my clients too.

Challenges are in any life and I believe that it is lives are about. However please don’t forget we can’t even describe how joyful the lives are, yes!