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Narrative change in subconscious


I felt that Pisces full moon on the September 14th was very powerful.  In New York, this full moon happened at 12:35am on the 14th.  However, in other regions, it happened on the 13th because of the time difference.  

Friday the 13th of full moon and also the next Friday the 13th of full moon will occur in 2049 that I read so it was rare full moon, I say.

This Pisces full moon had effects on people to show their own emotions came out because of Pisces traits of feeling emotional. Amongst my clients, there was such impact on them for some of them who normally are not emotional.

Not only my clients but also people around me who are normally cool in their emotions came out much more emotional than usual.  They seemed to accept their own emotions came out unusually too.  

It is good for us to be honest with our own feelings and we are such emotional beings in comparison with other animals.  Because we have such high intelligence so our emotions are rather more complicated too. 

When we hide our own emotions, we feel uncomfortable regardless the feelings are positive or negative. Normally we feel more difficult to suppress the negative feelings in us.

However of course some people feel much easier to express negative feelings in them.  We see in regular basis those complainers around us.  

Emotional purge is such important for our emotional health.  It works the same as our body function that we keep some negatives in us rather than purging out is unhealthy.  awkwardly saying that we may need in the sense laxative once in a while.  

Of course the feelings we want to purge out are rather negative. Positive feelings are not the ones pile up heavily on the bottom of us.

Negative feelings and also unwanted feelings or energy and also any feelings and energy are not serving you well in you should be purged.  It would be inconvenient when you keep something unnecessary in you, I say.  

It is like hoarding.  When we keep un-serving feelings or energy in us, they actually grow working against us.  For example, we keep particular negative feelings in us and they are occasionally triggered by some events.  

When the negative feelings are triggered, we can be exploded.  For example, “anger”.  We can usually keep our cool though it could be triggered to explode by some small incidents or big ones.  Then there is an explosion.  

At the ground zero, there is yelling or anything worse.  Those behaviors wouldn’t happen coincidently.  It happens when same type of emotional triggers happen to us again and again. 

That is why the trigger is not only the reason why the explosion happens.  Because of the piled up negative feelings and energy in us, we explode.  In other words, anger from the past is the reason why we are triggered.  

Those are the feelings normally we can’t forget, mostly of course negative ones. Fragments of negative feelings or a chunk of negative feelings, it doesn’t matter. We explode worse and worse in our life in the repetition.

Not only the anger but also sadness or depression. When those pile up and explode, they could trigger something like self harm or suicide too.

Even though it is important for us to take care of ourselves carefully, we still tend to overlook the signs of negative feelings in our lives.  We may keep going for denial until one day we can’t overlook the negative force in us and decide to do something radical like going to therapy.

We should all understand how important for us to take care of ourselves and emotional purge is necessary process for us to go through too.

There are ways to process this purge though in traditional psychotherapy, we try to purge in the state of “conscious”.

In therapy, we, therapists help the clients change their perception. We can’t change what happened to them in the past or even present situations. However we can surely help them change how they feel about their past, present and even future situations.

For example, we all live in the same world.  Some of us live close by in the same region too.  Among us, some of us say that the region is good and at the same time some of us say that the region is bad.  Even we share to live in the same world but some say that the worl