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“Not again” will bring you that again


It was winter solcitice on the 21st in this year. We passed the shortest day of the year so days are getting longer and longer everyday now.

On 26th, it is a new moon, which means a “beginning” in astrology and universal laws. It begins on new moon and ends on full moon in energy cycles.

This new moon happens in Capricorn so this energy is like devilish magic that people say. Devilish energy is of course, toxic or addiction, anything unhealthy in the sense.

Such as codependency, something you don’t need any more though it is always there. We, Japanese say that it is “Danshari” timing to get rid of the clutter.

We all know about codependency well. There is mutual benefit though the relationships is unhealthy.

It is nothing so special about it. It is common enough for it to be around us more than we ever think of too.

In astrology, there are major energy shifts in a year and they are Equinoxes, Summer and Winter Solstices. Hope that we all can use the energy effectively coming into the great new year.

Around the days, a lot of people experience their energy cycles turning. Especially in my clients, they may experience energy shifts in a transformational level a caterpillar to a butterfly because they are here with me to transform anyway.

In the sense, people get tired, experiencing longer sleeping hours or sleeplessness or another signs from the bodies.

I heard that there are more crimes in full moon so moon phases should effect our moods and physiological rhythms too.

Surprisingly the last full moon, the last in this year and in this decade came on 12/12 at 12:12am in New York.

People around me including my clients told me that they experienced something extra ordinary and I saw 12:12 all the time like angel numbers.

The full moon was the last in this year and also the last in this decade and full moon means ending so it really means the last of everything in the sense.

Adding to it, the new moon of Capricorn is coming with a solar eclipse so the energy shifts could be significant. We really want to use the amazing energy for our good in this time.

In this occasion, recommended meditation, “Danshari”, exercise, healthy diet and relax. Then we are going to have smooth energy shifts in this amazing opportunity.

I mentioned about “Manifestation” in the past too. Making your own desires happen to you, obtaining what we want, those are always popular topics around us.

It is said that being positive and believing in getting what we want. Is it true?

I have written about “Manifestation” before and this is my latest version of it in this writing. I learn everyday in my personal growth through my personal life, and sessions with my clients. As same as others in this world, I am in growing process too.

Maybe it is going to be updated in the future though this is my truth now about “Manifestation”.

The more you wish for something, the more the fact that you don’t have it might be emphasized. You want it because you don’t have it now, simple.

For example, missing someone in a terrible way may emphasize that you are not seeing the person. More to say, If you fear that you will never see the person again, the fear could be manifested.

Fear and anxiety are very strong feelings in our mind. If they are strong, they would be in your subconscious. Subconscious is strong as we could be using up to 95% of our brain instead of around 5% in our conscious. Our brain operation speed would be 1,000,000 times faster in subconscious than our conscious level.

Fear and anxiety are strong, that means that the feelings are in your subconscious mind. Then fear and anxiety are in your subconscious daily basis so it is more likely for them to manifest.

That is why a lot of people suggest that we should let go of our fear and anxiety.

Instead, we should hold onto the ideas of good images or feelings, such as feeling of joy to see someone you love, excitements and all that.

It is difficult to think of anything positive all the time. It is natural for us as a human to worry. What if I can’t see him/her ever again or what if they wouldn’t like me any more, or what if this precious relationship doesn’t work.

Yes, that is the way. Fear and anxiety are so common in us.

Why common? Because it is a defense mechanism that we innately got. We avoid emotional and physical pains.

Defense mechanism is protecting us from harm and pains. We have defense so strong so we don’t want to eat the food ever again if we got food poisoning with it once.

In the same function, we may not want to fall in love ever again if someone we love cheats on us. It is a defense mechanism too.

Each one of us is here to carry and pass on our DNA to our next generations. To do so, death or harm should be the worst thing ever happen to us.

That is why we have fear. We are afraid of big dogs, or heights, or food to make you sick. Those fears are to protect us from any harm and they are necessary system for us after all.

Our mind functions the same. When we get hurt emotionally, we would feel timid to fall in love or trust someone in relationships.

It is very natural tendency. Younger people tend to be more positive because they have less repeated pains and hurts than older people. When we get older, our defense gets stronger with the reason.

Of course, we live longer, we have more experience in good and bad. Unfortunately we tend to remember pain and negative experiences much better because of our defense mechanism.

Now we understand our tendency and instincts. However I must say that more we are afraid of being hurt or failure or risk, the more we don’t take any risk in our lives.

In the result, I must say that we have less chance to be succeeded when we don’t take risk.

In relationships or business, of course, we are going to be successful because we take risk.

And I must mention that challenging and taking risk are actually against our nature based on the defense mechanism working for us. In the sense, challenging attitude and keep it high in our lives is actually challenging against our nature and instinct too.

We are talking about “Laws of the Universe” too. Yes, the more you think “no never again, I don’t want to get hurt again.”, the more chance you could get it manifested in your life again.

I know that I broke a bad news but it is true…. Fear is lingering in your mind repeatedly all day long and it is subconscious. It got great chance to be manifested when you have such strong thoughts long time, yes?

Furthermore, there is one more reason why it will manifest when we strongly feel like we don’t want to be hurt again.

The more we want to avoid the hurt, the more we are sending a sign to the universe that we haven’t overcome the hurt, yes?

We wouldn’t have to desperately avoid the harm when we have overcome the pain.

For example, in a relationship, you get anxious when your love interest doesn’t send you a text often enough. In the case, getting over the anxiety is an assignment for you from the universe.

When you are done well with your assignment, you likely would forget about it. Yes, of course. When you overcome, you wouldn’t think about it so much in the way when you failed.

Then the universe would likely give you another assignment in the next stage and level.

However when you haven’t overcome the anxiety, you still feel pretty lonely on your own, the universe has to give you another chance and assignment to you to overcome the difficult feelings.

That is the reason why “not again, I don’t want to feel the pain.” could be repeated for you again and again.

For example, falling in love with a married man again and again, or falling in love with someone who treats you bad. Those are patterns of your love? Then those must be learning assignment from the universe for you.

In other words, “not again, I don’t want to be hurt again.” would never happen to you when you don’t feel like “not again, I don’t want to be hurt again.”. True?

It is like a game. You master one stage and the next stage would come to you. You have to repeat the same stage again and again when you don’t master the stage.

Important point here is what to do to manifest what you want in your life, right?

First of all, I must say that things don’t happen when they are not meant to be. For example, you wouldn’t be the richest person in the world when it wasn’t meant to be.

Would you say that our efforts would be waste in the sense? No, they are not waste.

Because so many things are supposed to happen, in fact. However they are not happening around us.

Things are meant to be happening but they are not happening because of our mental blocks. In other words, we have so much potential though those are not happening it all because of our negativity.

I say that we are all here in this world to maximize the possibility to make things happen if they are meant to be happened.

We are here to manifest our own potential, I say though things don’t happen when we have fear or anxiety to block us from the manifestation.

It is such a waste we may lose a chance already given to us from the universe for us to manifest.

Unblocking yourself is removing your negative thoughts and feelings, which are called negativity and negative energy. This is one of the ways for us to manifest our full potential in our lives.

Not only that, but also, you can work on passing on positive energy in this world.

Releasing positive energy is being kind, smiles, or keeping positive energy in a challenging situation such as your love partner doesn’t text you.

The above is not only the ways to release positive energy.

You could work on your own life mission, the reason why you are here in this world. Manifestation would happen sooner when you are working for your life purpose and mission.

Of course, working on your life mission is dedication to the universe and your doing would raise vibration on this planet so everything you do in the sense will be beneficial for everyone in this world.

In my clients, they tell me feeling lost, why they are here in this world. They are sometimes looking for their own life mission.

Instead, some people are already on some projects of charity or being a musician or helping people. They got a way to express their creativity to help people and it raises the vibration on this planet. That makes what they do is their own life mission.

Lucky people are here already found their life mission though some people are unhappily going to work everyday without fulfilled feelings in them.

I say, we can’t avoid anxiety and fear as a human. I pray for a help when I am weak. In my self hypnosis, subconscious mind, I talk to myself and I feel clear again. I accept my fear and weakness and overcome them in this process.

A lot of people say that he/she should have learned this time with a lot of pain. In the same saying, they say that you’d better not fail again or you’d better not to fall in love again.

A lot of people would say that it is a right and wisdom approach not to fall in love again or not to fail again because they just want to avoid pain.

However I must say that the attitude and mind-set of not to challenge again because of fear of failure would keep you away from manifestation for sure.

The mind-set should be a belief that a great outcome awaits for you even though there are times you get hurt, broken hearted or failed on the way to get there.

At the end, it is going to be all good so you want to believe in yourself. Hopefully on the way without being afraid, believing in your own success and keep challenging.

A lot of greatly successful people said it all. How many challenges that they had to overcome. How many failures and rejections that they experienced.

However they all got up, keep moving on without giving up on their own dreams. That is why they got succeeded.

Mr.Konosuke Matsushita, founder of Panasonic said, “It is going to be a failure when you stop trying at your failure. However it is going to be a success when you keep trying until you have a success.”.

It is so sense making. Of course yes!

Hypnotherapy is performed in your subconscious, that is why it is effective. Unblocking you, for you to be even more successful, finding your life mission or manifesting something very special in your life.

Success awaits you because those are supposed to happen to you!

I am offering in person sessions in New York City and Skype sessions too.

I am looking forward to working with you on your success! May you have bright and brighter 2020!

Have a wonderful day!!

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