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Reasons to over-eat


It has been a while since we got used to this lock down situation in New York City. I personally don’t go out when I don’t need for some grocery shopping or refresh myself with the outside fresh air.

Public schools are closed since March 16 and originally planned to be closed up to April though it extended to June, up to the end of the school year.

How are you doing all in this situation today? It must feel us different from usual because everyone is staying home instead of going to work or school.

When our environment is unusual, we would have to adjust ourselves to the new environment and of course, there should be some level of stress occur in the situation. All the creatures function same in environmental adjustment including humans.

In extreme, creatures that can’t adjust environmental changes would go extinct. It is natural selection repeated in this world longest time.

In long range of cycles, extinct is one of those phenomenons when we are out of adjustments to environments but small type of adjustments always happen in our everyday life.

In smaller scale side of adjustment such as this kind of lock-down situation is still a challenge for us. This adjustments in our behaviors and mid-sets are called in psychology, coping skills.

Now what kind of coping skills do we need to stay healthy in this universal level of lock-down ?

I asusume that we need to think of lacking exercise when we tend to stay home all day. And also some weight gain so I am talking about weight management and weight loss today.

As some of you know, I made significant weight loss in my life. I lost probably around 60 pounds step by step since 2011 and keep the level for years now. It was very simple way to achieve so I want to talk about it today again.

Talking about myself, the reason I was larger was definitely over-eating. I can’t think of anything else.

A lot of people don’t know though we don’t need so much food and calories to maintain our bodies.

I hear a lot of diet methods like reducing fats and all that. However over-eating and portion to eat are always a reason why we gain weight.

In the US, 60% of people are over weight so it means that you are not even healthy when your weight is average in the US.

Not only that, like me, my size is small in the US. However I watch my weight closely because my cholesterol is high. I pay attention carefully now to my weight because of it.

Now, we come down to why we over-eat. Can you figure out why or since when you start over-eating in your life?

When stress is high, would you over-eat? It seems like some of us over-eat when we change our career, some start over-eating since they have family loss, or some gained weight when they get married. Yes, weight gain seems like happening in some environmental changes.

And unfortunately our metabolism goes down as we get older so we naturally gain weight if we eat in the same way as we ate in our younger age.

In other words, we didn’t gain weight quickly when we over-ate younger though we over-eat and it shows in our appearance when we get older.

Then we should go on a diet. However diet is losing weight when we are on it. However we gain back whe