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Red string and psychology


In Asian countries, fall is a season of the moon. People celebrate a particular moon phase such as a full moon in this season.

As we know, the phase of the moon affect us such as higher crime rates at full moon or babies normally come when high tides.

Highest tide comes around full moon and also new moon that I heard. It is not surprising that we have some changes in our mind set or feelings according to moon phase and also major energy shifts happen around then.

I am sensing major energy shift in this September too so as amongst clients, there are some going through some changes. They feel more capable than before. I believe that energy shift affects our lives in many levels.

I feel like my clients are having new experiences and it gets them outside of their own comfort zone to go to next level. I feel wonderful with them too.

New experience means here as you got cleared with one stage and going to the next stage like in a video game.

Some of my clients came to me, got stable and could manage everyday life much better. They get to believe in their potential, get promoted or get hopeful with their future.

However one day, they get a love interest in their lives and their lives get stirred. There may be effects that they lose their faith in them or their future because of this stir.

The situation may look like a withdrawal or backing off. However they got this kind of challenge, getting a boy/girlfriend because they got stable enough with their own at the first place.

That is why it is still a progress though the new stage could shake my clients bad enough and feel them negatively sometimes.

Again, my clients came to me and their emotions and life get improved such as they became to smile much more than before, believe in their positive aspects or future. They do great at work and one day, they get a boy/girlfriend.

In my point of view, the partner came to my clients because my clients were doing well enough.

They were well enough so that is why they could get engaged with their love interests and move onto having a new relationship. It is a happy and positive progress but it sometimes feels my clients shaky.

Because they were stable before the partner and their life changed with the new partner. All those anxiety and fear possibly to lose someone important in their life gets stirred up in this situation.

It may feel like old days came back with developed anxiety and fear.

Then they may quickly come to a conclusion to stop contacting the partner. Because they just feel scared to lose the new love.

In psychology, it is very much understandable situation here. Having a partner reminds them how they felt in the past when they lost their partner in a break-up. It was surely painful that they can remember.

It is a defense mechanism that we have in us that we never want to experience the pain ever again.

Yes. And also behind this psychology, there is an expectation that this relationship wouldn’t go well. Of course. If there wasn’t the expectation, there shouldn’t be thoughts of having the same pain again.

Defense mechanism always protects us from any types of harm that we can have in our lives. Although most of times, it prevents us to be a positive person for sure.

You may notice it already that this negative expectation came from our defense mechanism is the origin of negative domino effects in our decision making.

There is another aspect that sooner we decide that the relationship doesn’t work, the less risk we have with the possible pain.