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Rules for Success


In New York City, it is becoming a season with full of Christmas colors. Children are already excited with this season and the joyful air makes us feel magical in this season too.

We are very excited and hope that everyone’s energy is as exciting as ours in this world.

As I mentioned many times in the past, I am a Master of Social Work from University of Michigan and trained psychotherapist with practical working experience.

I ran into hypnotherapy by accident without any knowledge or anything in 2011 when we lived in Singapore.

My husband at the time and I adopted children who used to be my sister’s after she passed. It was my generous ex-husband’s suggestion though we decided together then.

In the result, we got US visa issues due to family court system differences in-between Japan and the US. We decided to live in Singapore to resolve the situation we got.

Then our adopted children were 18 and 13 years old, and my own twins were only 17 months old. We as a married couple then, got challenge of life changing events becoming parents of four children at once from zero children in our 10 years of our marriage.

In a tiny small country of Singapore, we were destined to live on the 28th floor then. I was scared of a wide open dust shooter in a hall way and fully opened windows without child proof because I was a new mother with long standing fear of heights.

Instantly I came up with an idea of going to hypnosis to curve my agitated edginess. I easily guessed that hypnosis would work well on phobias. I was a stay home wife for 6 years then.

I gave up on my career as a psychotherapist quickly years earlier because of my sister’s sudden death and also my disappointment in very mild and slow effects of psychotherapy.

I tried methods of therapy available in the modern science, such as EMDR(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). However I wasn’t satisfied with any services that I tried.

I simply wanted to see opening up the doors to happiness or any visible changes in people, not only as a service provider, but also as a service receiver.

Yes, now I am a certified hypnotherapist and life coach, and telling people how to live happily in person, in books and in radio shows.

However, once before, I was one of us trying to change the life and pursue my own happiness. I was feeling missing something, not feeling right and looking for an outlet from the darkness in my life. My clarity was long taken away and felt me like living in a fog then.

Then I became so sure that my therapy practice would be amazing with using the hypnosis I encountered and impressed me with the effects.

As I established my private practice, the more I am impressed with power of hypnotherapy. The impression makes me feel like I want to help more people everyday.

The affirmation of power of hypnotherapy and powerful subconscious mind have come to me because of my practical experience that I have been gaining day by day.

In these years, I never doubted the power of hypnosis even once or questioned about effects at all. I never felt any kind of misuse of it or any types of wrongness less than safety at all. I am more and more impressed with the effects of hypnotherapy everyday.

One of the most amazing effects happened to me and changed my entire life. I became a business owner with my private practice in New York City, my books are published and publishing in Japan and the US from my past social status of 8 years of unemployment. Adding to my published Japanese book, another book is publishing in the US on January 3, 2020.

Not to mention that, I am from a very small town that everyone knows everyone ascending to the grandparents eras in Japan.

I moved to Tokyo at 18 and ended up with some how out of the country now for 20 years. Not only living in New York City mainly but also in Michigan for my Master degree and also in Singapore in the past years.

I believe some kind of fate and things are meant to be relating to the Universal Laws, laws of attractions. I remember that I wrote that I was going to marry a westerner and have a boy and girl twins as a grown up woman when I was 8 years old.

Of course, that writing came true in my real life.

I didn’t dream of becoming a writer though I thought that I could be one in the future time to time in the past. However the idea didn’t make me to brush up my writing or anything like that at all.

At least, I wasn’t aware that I could write a book in my “Conscious” level. Being said that I should write a book time to time one day put me in the mode of actually started to write. Then I found that I could write a book and I also found that I could publish a book too.

A strange thing happened to me soon after I started writing. I started having a vision of my book cover.

I think back now and I believe that the kind of phenomenon, images and messages come to me everyday in my entire life.

However I was taught such things never happen to people, such as psychic powers or messages and visions.

Time to time in my life, I picked up habits to deny, reject and disguise any messages and visions or images naturally came to me. I subconsciously established a system of denying and unrecognizing one of my own abilities of receiving visions, messages and images.

Again images and messages were always there came to me though I ignored everything I received before the day and I finally realized the fact of my doing and abilities.

The phenomenon that my book cover vision was appeared in my thoughts is called as “Positive Visualization” and it is one of those brain functions that we know. Some people told me to answer to my question.

Naturally and automatically the vision made me believe that the writing that I was doing would be a book and published.

Of course, I didn’t have any connection with publishers or anyone in the industry back in then. Probably no one would write a book in the situation or even believe that the writing would be published in the circumstance.

Long time ago, I was talking to people how wonderful and effective hypnotherapy is whenever I got a chance. I had opportunities to talk to local newspapers in New York City and I made it on the newspapers with my interviews time to time. I started writing columns for one of those newspapers too.

I was asked questions regarding what I do and answered to them. I was more than enthusiastic to talk about how to live happily everyday life, powerful subconscious mind, pursuing our own happiness and etc.

Then I made it on the newspapers with the interviews and professionals suggested me to write a book or publicly speak about my own ideas. I was happy to be told so but I had no idea how to write a book first.

However some how I simply started writing from the first line one day.

Ever since I started writing, I got contract signed with a Japanese publisher, Bungeisha in 5 months, I believe. We found the publisher simply googled and contacted them.

I sent them summery of what my book was about first. Soon I was asked to send them my actual draft so I remember that I had to finish my writing in hurry then.

Yes, I published the book in July 2017 in Japan and the editor of this book was a legend in the industry. He was the editor of 4 books in a series and sold 6,000,000 copies in Japan.

The experience of working with him was one of the most wonderful ones in my life. I was honestly honored that he was assigned to me as a first time author.

The other topic that people suggested me to speak up about my ideas came true too. I have been on radio shows of different radio stations in New York more than 10 times in past a few years.

Those are live interview shows and started with 8 minute show and ended up with 30 minutes and 1 hour shows at the end. Those radio personalities were amazing too and some of them are well known so I was honored to work with them too.

Again, I was born in a small town in Japan and ended up with being on radio shows in New York. Those experience was surprising with joy in my life.

I was asked if I get nervous being in the live radio shows. I thought of the question. I am a bilingual and give sessions in English and Japanese.

A fact is that contents in sessions are same as the one in radio shows, such as how to live happily, pursuing happiness and etc. The contents wouldn’t be different when I’m in sessions or in radio shows, would they?

I realized that contents are the same and my attitude should be the same when I talk to one person or when I talk to thousands or million people.

Then I believe that I am ready any day in my life to speak. I don’t prepare for sessions because I don’t know what kind of issues come to me with my clients until I meet them.

When I get to know my clients’ issues before the first session, still I have to see how session goes in a first session. Everyone is different and has different reactions too.

Anyway, I don’t have to change myself or my attitude depending on who or anyone I talk to including how many people. Thus I am the same person with same contents but speaking to different people with different questions in different settings perhaps.

That is why I am ready to even being on TV today if I got a chance. Chance to be on the radio came to me suddenly too and I said yes promptly and asked when. I took soonest schedule to fit my schedule then I remember.

I give sessions at my office in Manhattan, New York and in Skype sessions, I am connected to people in Europe, South America, Japan and also different states in the US too.

In the situations, my clients are pretty international and I was asked many times about my published book in English.

I started thinking of publishing a book in English in the US via E-book or something. Then I suddenly received e-mail from a publisher to publish my English book in the US.

This opportunity came just timely manner and my English book would be published on January 3, 2020 and the title is “Rules for Success—How to live happily”.

My book translator was moved by this book in their translation that I heard from my publisher so I take it as a great sign.

I say it is never too late for you to change your life. Let me please help you. I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

Have a wonderful day!!

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