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Rules for Success–How to live happily


I am happily making an announcement that my book got published in the US in English on January 3, 2020! I am grateful and thankful to people who work so hard on my book. Thank you so much!

The book title is “Rules for Success–How to live happily”. If you do search with “Mitsu Emig”in Amazon, the book will come out too. If you are interested, please click here.

Not only the paper version, but also Kindle is available too! I want everyone to read my book and get information to live happily. Thanks so much!

As well as when I published my book in Japan, this book deal just came to me feeling me easy. Please don’t get me wrong. I respect the industry and I work my hardest on my book and other things.

However publishing books never felt difficult, it is true. I was told what a amazing accomplishment, or I must have worked years to do it, but it wasn’t a case for me.

Probably I started writing one day from the first line and within 5 months, I got a book deal. Meanwhile some people told me how long years they were working on a same book to publish.

I never thought of publishing a book in my “conscious”. I never had a clear dream to publish either though probably the idea was always in my “subconscious”.

In my 20’s and 30’s, I thought that I could write like them when I was reading some novels. And I thought probably everyone thought in the same way.

One day, something triggered and started writing from the first line without memo or anything. I realized that soon enough that I was writing around 100 pages.

Until then, I really didn’t know if I could write a book or not although I just wrote a book at the end.

As you know, “conscious” is a normal awaken state of humans. We use only around 5% in the state and remaining 95% of our brain is sleeping.

Not only the humans, but also any creatures must give their best to survive in this world. It should take really a good reason why humans only use 5% of the brain in normal state.

Human, of course could use more than 5% of the brain all the time if we were capable to do so. We are here to survive in this world so I am sure of this fact.

However we are using only around 5% because I say, physiologically we are not capable to use more than that in regular basis. Then why we, humans got the big brain?

If we get into this subject deeper, it must be very interesting. Our brain is one of those mysteries we got in this world. We simply don’t know much about our own brains.

Whatever the reason that is, our brain can be super powered up sometimes in a day.

We get out of the “conscious” world and reach to the “subconscious” naturally and automatically a few times a day. This might be a reason why we don’t have huge size of brain for just waste.

“Subconscious” is very different from “conscious” and in subconscious, we use up to 95% of our brain instead of 5% in our conscious. In subconscious, our brain operating speed would be 1,000,000 times faster than conscious.