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Suffering is an illusion


You may wonder what kind of people are coming to hypnotherapy sessions. Are they very different from you or not?

What do you think?

Hypnotherapy sounds mysterious? However I can say that hypnotherapy is based on science, safe and effective for sure.

As a therapist who performed therapy in the “Conscious” level in the past, I surely figured the limitation of “Conscious” therapy and looking for more effective therapy available in this world.

I tried EMDR though I wasn’t as impressed I got when I had hypnotherapy first time. I actually tried many energy sessions and therapies for myself in the past.

I haven’t met anything more effective or impressive than hypnotherapy yet.

The encounter to hypnotherapy was because I was afraid of height in Singapore when I lived on the 28th floor without knowing anything about hypnotherapy.

I had to live in Singapore because of US visa issues for adopted children of ours who used to be my sister’s children. They were adopted after my sister passed and I was supposed to live in Singapore in the sense and I was supposed to run into hypnotherapy for reasons I believe in this day.

Life changing experiences happen to people without co-incidence that I believe now because changing the world with using hypnotherapy became my own life mission ever since.

As laws of attractions (Universal Laws) tells us manifestations and attractions or life is incidental, I have to recognize they are true in this day.

Suffering is with learning process and the same type of challenges and suffering come to us until the end of learning process in our lives. The same problems can happen to us again and again until we truly get the point and change our behaviors and mind set.

In the sense, yes, suffering is an illusion because we just have it in our learning processes. In other words, we suffer more when we resist against change in the learning process.

For instance, some people keep falling in love with people who are not available such as married ones. Some of us repeatedly get involved with those people and come to sessions with me for the problems.

Those clients who want to succeed in relationships right?

Of course, we can change the bad patterns in hypnotherapy.

When you wonder, I can explain why hypnotherapy is such a powerful therapy.

I mentioned that I experienced limitation of therapy performed in “Conscious” and yes, it is true. As a therapist, I had to see my clients were lacking major breakthrough in traditional psychotherapy.

In the experience, I came to giving up my career as a psychotherapist even though I earned a Master of Social Work to pursue the career.

I dropped out from my own career as a therapist for 8 years in the time.

The limitation of “Conscious” therapy has reasons such as, humans use only around 5% in our “Conscious” while 95% of it is sleeping.

When we go deeper int