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Today, I am changing the world !


Have you ever thought of the purpose of life or why you were born? It is about life mission and purpose.

Life is once. It is great for us to dream big or meaningful purpose and mission in our lives. Don’t you think?

Then I ask how many people of us feel overwhelmed with things we have to do everyday. Not to be fired at work, smile to your boss to be liked, try not to be targeted by co-workers and boss, hope that the baby doesn’t cry so much today or the mother in law would be nice today.

If your focus is on around there, it is time for you to shift it.

This column is for you who might have lost track of your life purpose, mission or even dreams buried in crazy business in your life.

As we know, biologically we are the winner in 400 trillions as we were just born. Yes, it is true.

Spiritually speaking, our existence goes deeper in meaning. In the reincarnations, we came back to this world and at the place exactly we are now have a lot of meanings.

People who we run into and whatever happens to us in our lives. They got bigger picture that we can ever imagine, as a matter of fact and there is nothing meaningless here in the picture.

In the concept of reincarnations, there is nothing meaningless for us to be here. We all have purposes and missions since we are here.

Do you like the way you live if you have no mission or purposes, dodging troubles and just survive. Do what you have to do in a day.

By the way, surviving and dodging trouble, the way of living is based on negative force. It is different from feeling wonderful in a day but it is about not to sink.

Then we’d better shift focus in the sense. In life, everything happens for reasons.

You may feel the hardest on yourself, and no one understands how you feel in the situation.

In my clients, a lot of them got major challenges in their lives. Some were raped, family members got killed in front of them, abused by family members with or without severe mental illness, terminal diseases and conditions themselves or family members.

The situations could go beyond our imaginations but for them they are the reality.

How about your life? What kind of challenges are you facing today?

I was always told as a child that my problems were too small to feel hard.

I felt like why I should have compared myself with others in unfortunate situation anyway because I was too busy to deal with my own problems.

I am not telling you that you should count your lucky stars at all in the comparison with the others.

I am talking about changing your concept of living for yourself and for your good.

Like I said, life is once. It is up to you to feel stressed out and survive or have luxury to find your life purpose and mission in your precious life.

When life is once, everyone wants it to be meaningful. A lot of us feel like so far away from thinking life purpose and wonder what happened to us.

Well, you might be lucky if you have a moment or two to think of what happened to you in the sense.

I have to tell you for sure that your situation or environment wouldn’t decide how you feel about your life. You can’t say for sure that people are unhappy because of the situation of wars and poverty.

You can’t say for sure that all wealthy people are happy.

However we have strong belief that we are going to be happy when we get something we don’t have. The way of thinking is alway confusing and wrong.

Like I said, all wealthy people are not happy although we still have belief things or someone can make us happy including money.

Then I must say that the belief keeps us away from our own happiness.

We are all given chances regardless. Not only children from wealthy families can be successful.

If you hear someone says that they could be successful if the growing environment was better, then it should be an excuse.

And yet, what is success? Being rich or famous? Why do you want to be successful anyway?

Yes, we believe that we can be happy when we get successful. Yes, all we want is happiness but not success.

However I must say that success, money, wealth will never bring you happiness at all despite our own belief.

It is true that rich successful people are not all happy and we know it.

We don’t live for “success”. “Success” shouldn’t be our goals for sure because “success” is not making us happy or satisfied.

What is actually making you feel good, satisfied or happy?

What was the best moment in your life? A graduation, chid birth, some kind of award for you, etc..

That moment is a clue to understand your own happiness.

And think of it why you felt fulfilled at the moment.

If it is a graduation, you feel like a big achievement and your parents are proud of you or even you are proud of yourself.

If it is a child birth. You may be thankful that your child came to this world safe and sound. You may feel like what you could do like you could make another person coming to this world.

Either way, achievements, gratefulness, fulfillments make us satisfied or happy.

Yes, we feel satisfied when we feel like we are good, proud of ourselves and parents and others are proud of you.

Lots of people and parents are proud of you though you are not satisfied when you are not proud of yourself.

However others and parents are proud of you then you feel proud of yourself, then you are satisfied.

Yes, you get satisfied when you feel good about yourself because you can do something special in this world.

If you can keep the feelings of proud and self satisfaction, you have high self esteem and self loving energy.

Some of my clients work in war zone to help keeping safety there. I admire their works.

I truly believe that they are changing the world even though we don’t know who they are or what they are actually doing on our own.

I don’t think those people are especially wealthy or famous like being on TV.

However they are still changing the world, I believe. Some people may say that there are still wars in the world.

And it is a fact.

Then is it meaningless for what they are doing as long as there are wars in this world.

Their efforts and wishes are lie or wastes, can you say that?

I believe that I am changing the world. I changed my adopted chidlren’s lives after their mother/my sister passed. My published book in Japan, radio appearance in New York, hypnotherapy sessions and all influence I can possibly make with people in my everyday life.

You could say that I am not changing the world because I am not wealthy enough or appeared on CNN.

Isn’t there changing the world if we have someone unhappy in this world?

Furthermore, there are good going on a person who you love, then there are flaws in the same person. Isn’t it true love any more?

If the person betrayed you, then isn’t it true love any more?

It might be the world, poverty, peace, wars or even flaws in a person.

Only one or maybe several flaws and bad in them, then isn’t there any peace, happiness, true love at all?

If so, several mistakes, wars, poverty and etc. could make this entire world look bad or cancel a true love. If you say so, it is not positive thinking.

Positive thinking is to pay attention to all positive. Not to pay attention to flaws, mistakes or wars.

Positive thinking is not about naiveness, ignorance or even unrealistic concept or denial either.

That is positive thinking to pay attention to positives and live our lives with hope everyday.

If you feel like your way of thinking is influenced now reading this, I feel like I am changing the world.

Some people want to make sure that I don’t misunderstand myself as a superhero. I still and humbly say that I am no superhero though I am changing the world.

And no one can change my belief that I am chaining the world.

I believe in you that you can do it too influencing the world. We all can do it everyday and the doing is relating to your life mission, life purpose, and happiness to.

If you want to believe wonderful truth for you, hypnotherapy will help you! I offer Skype and in person hypnotherapy sessions.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

Have a wonderful day!

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