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Today, I am changing the world !


Have you ever thought of the purpose of life or why you were born? It is about life mission and purpose.

Life is once. It is great for us to dream big or meaningful purpose and mission in our lives. Don’t you think?

Then I ask how many people of us feel overwhelmed with things we have to do everyday. Not to be fired at work, smile to your boss to be liked, try not to be targeted by co-workers and boss, hope that the baby doesn’t cry so much today or the mother in law would be nice today.

If your focus is on around there, it is time for you to shift it.

This column is for you who might have lost track of your life purpose, mission or even dreams buried in crazy business in your life.

As we know, biologically we are the winner in 400 trillions as we were just born. Yes, it is true.

Spiritually speaking, our existence goes deeper in meaning. In the reincarnations, we came back to this world and at the place exactly we are now have a lot of meanings.

People who we run into and whatever happens to us in our lives. They got bigger picture that we can ever imagine, as a matter of fact and there is nothing meaningless here in the picture.

In the concept of reincarnations, there is nothing meaningless for us to be here. We all have purposes and missions since we are here.

Do you like the way you live if you have no mission or purposes, dodging troubles and just survive. Do what you have to do in a day.

By the way, surviving and dodging trouble, the way of living is based on negative force. It is different from feeling wonderful in a day but it is about not to sink.

Then we’d better shift focus in the sense. In life, everything happens for reasons.

You may feel the hardest on yourself, and no one understands how you feel in the situation.

In my clients, a lot of them got major challenges in their lives. Some were raped, family members got killed in front of them, abused by family members with or without severe mental illness, terminal diseases and conditions themselves or family members.

The situations could go beyond our imaginations but for them they are the reality.

How about your life? What kind of challenges are you facing today?

I was always told as a child that my problems were too small to feel hard.

I felt like why I should have compared myself with others in unfortunate situation anyway because I was too busy to deal with my own problems.

I am not telling you that you should count your lucky stars at all in the comparison with the others.

I am talking about changing your concept of living for yourself and for your good.

Like I said, life is once. It is up to you to feel stressed out and survive or have luxury to find your life purpose and mission in your precious life.