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Under-rated virtue

I came across with interesting energy lately so I wanted to write about it. The ideas of forgiveness and justification are two very different energy.

For example when someone forgives you, it doesn’t mean your doing is justified. In extreme, I have some rape victim clients having hard time to let go of negative feelings in them.

I can only assume how terrible that is that someone violates their personal space in a worst way.

I help my clients release negative emotions in them though they feel extremely difficult because they feel like releasing negative feelings would justify the rape.

Of course no way and not even close to justify any of their doings in this sense. Wrong doing is still there no matter what.

However not only holding onto negative feelings would never punish the rapist but also it doesn’t do anything good for the victims either.

Interestingly even apology doesn’t let the victims feelings go when they decide not to let it go.

The negative feelings only hurt the victims so I try to help. That’s why letting go of the feelings is so important for them.

I forgive people relatively easily. I am not sure if the word of forgiveness applies to the action but I try not to hold onto the negative ideas and feelings and release them from myself.

I do it for myself and also people around me counting on me too. Because my hatred or anger, any of those ideas or feelings towards rude people, liars and perpetrators wouldn’t punish those but wouldn’t feel me good at all any day in my life.

I wouldn’t be at my best with my negative feelings in me and it means that people I love and care about would be hurt too.

In the sense of energy, my vibration would go pretty low then so my energy wouldn’t do good to my loved ones.

I don’t think of getting less, losing or anything like that in my forgiving or releasing negative energy in me just because I worked on myself so hard since I ran into hypnosis.

I forgive for myself and others because if I don’t, there is no good for anyone in this world.

However my forgiveness doesn’t justify any of wrong doings of others or even myself’s. I forgive my own mistakes too though my wrong doing is never justified…

To others and myself, I keep telling them and myself not to make wrong doings again. Also when I encounter wrong doing, I’ll never stop pointing out wrong doings to them and I release negativity in me, it means forgive.

It is not easy for me to release or forget someone hurts me in a bad way as you imagine. However regarding this, I became so much better.

I still remember how much grudge I held in my old days and having repetitive thoughts how I can make revenge on them.

I know movies and stories regarding revenge. Countless movies and stories around us describing revenge and some of them are extreme in the degree.

In our society, somehow, holding onto some ideas is described as virtue even when those ideas are negative.

We should all know that having negative energy in us hurts and weighs us down in our daily life.

I remember how tired I was all the time in my old days. I was holding full of negative feelings in me and let them weigh me down everyday. I was always easy to get sick and inactive in those days.

If we don’t release the energy, we would have to warn the violators in harsh ways. In relationships, you may say that you would break up if he/she hurts you ever again.

The longer you hold on the pain, the more chance you become unforgiving. In the cycle, you tend to lose relationships easily.

At the same time, I can’t give up on people I care either. They need to be aware of their wrong doings for them to be better.