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When you feel like having less than others


It’s been a few days I could not only smell the fall but also I could hear the steps of the winter in New York City.

Feels like time flies, that is why I’m reminded that I want to live my life meaningfully everyday. How about you?

I wrote about life purpose and mission in the last column. I got some reaction from people and got chance to talk about it in sessions with my clients. I want to write about something I thought of in the week.

As I mentioned about life purpose, mission or meanings. Have you ever thought of those in your life?

Amongst my clients, there are some who are looking for life purpose or mission, or some completely lost the meanings of why they are here in this world.

How about you? Have you been feeling fulfilled or achieved in your life?

If so, congratulations! I say that it is good for you from bottom of my heart.

I said congratulations from bottom of my heart. However some people can’t say it in the way. It’s called jealousy and it is so tricky and harmful negative feeling.

First of all, jealousy never brings anything good or positive to anyone in this world including the person who got jealous. When you are jealous, your jealousy can’t damage a person who got success or happiness made you jealous.

Yes, jealousy wouldn’t damage the person who you got jealous of. The negative feeling that you got in you wouldn’t damage the other.

In fact, your own negative feelings would damage yourself. Longer you hold the feeling, the worse you would be harmed and it would keep you away from your own happiness.

Jealousy comes from the concept that someone else have something or someone you want, or something and someone everyone wants in this world more than you do.

It came from the concept that someone else got something a lot so you have less because of it. Or you decide that the person doesn’t deserve whatever the good thing or person they have.

It is about why the kind of person got the kind of good thing or person. And you can get or have less because other person got so much.

You can’t decide who deserves what or who and also it is an illusion that you have less because someone else got so much.

This world is not a round pie. A pie like someone else got a larger piece then others would get less.

Yes, this world is not a pie at all. A pie is like with limited resources without abundance. It is not true that some people got more than you then your share would be smaller.

Isn’t it a fact? It is truly possible when everyone got a lot or full of happiness, and others would still get a lot of whatever and full of happiness too.

It might be about happiness or whatever the things and those value and concept, all the resources are limited are humans created long time ago.

The universe doesn’t have concept of quantity or limitations so there is no less or more or even limited resources. Its belief is abundance of its own.

While the universe has absolute concept of abundance, humans created for some purposes or practicality, values and concept of rules, standards, previledge including money and happiness over long time of periods.

Humans feel like everything got limitations. Humans don’t believe in abundance. Humans believe in money because we created the value with limitations.

Humans created bunch of concepts such as wealth, social status, and so on and have been playing a game with them. We created something to satisfy us and satisfaction became impossible because of it. It is like a joke.

It is interesting when we take another look at rules or standards in this society, why they exist. You may notice that all the things we believe that we created on our own are illusions.

We created money and the illusion that money and wealth would make us happy. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

I think of it. What would happen to us when we don’t have life purposes or don’t know how to be happy? It’s hard for any of us to live everyday without goals or missions.

Yes, we can’t live meaninglessly. It is so hard for us to live in the way so we try to look for purposes or a way to feel happy in order to get away from the feeling of hardness.

We may find wealth or success as a goal. In this case, success means becoming famous or rich, or doing something recognizable in this society.

Some people try to get a stable and money making job. If they are not interested in corporation, then they try to find a way to make money easy or just simply make much more money on their own business.

Some people try to get married to someone who got a stable job or successful business owner, or simply someone wealthy.

Why? Because we believe that wealth would make us happy. Maybe simply believe it because everyone else believes in the theory.

When we feel like meaningless about standard happiness of success, wealth or marriage, we may go to a remote and unsafe country to volunteer for unfortunate people there.

If you don’t belong to any of groups here, you may be living happily everyday with your life purpose or mission, or just living in the harsh world without hope.

Yes, we are here to pursue our happiness. That is why we tend to pursue success, wealth or marriage when we don’t know our life purposes or mission.

However how many of them feeling happy when they obtained success, wealth or marriage?

Life mission or life purpose are inside you but we may not know in our “Conscious”. “Conscious” is a regular emotional state that we live everyday and it covers only the surface of our thoughts and ability.

In science, we use only around 5% of our brain in our “Conscious”.

Instead, “Subconscious” is the natural state and ability that we have in each one of us. We drift into the “Subconscious” state a few times a day in our everyday life.

It is a natural state so it feels natural and not so dramatic such as deep meditation.

In fact, this “Subconscious” and hypnotized state are almost identical.

“Subconscious” state happens to you randomly in your everyday life though we can make it happen with a technique of induction for some purpose.

Induction takes only body relaxation and also mind relaxation. For me I wouldn’t need a pendulum to induce my clients.

Yes, this state is very natural and subtle so it’s not as dramatic as described on TV or in movies. However when this subconscious happens to you because by induction, it would be called “hypnosis” and in the state, you are going to use up to 95% of your brain.

Yes, brain usage would be up to 95% in subconscious instead of only 5% in our conscious. Our brain operating speed would be 1,000,000 times faster in subconscious than in conscious.

Hypnosis is a terminology to describe subconscious state when it happens by induction.

That is why hypnotherapy is very natural and also powerful therapy that is available based on cutting edge science.

With using the powerful mind of subconscious, you will have a much greater chance to find life purpose or even happiness in you.

I offer in-person sessions in New York City and Skype sessions are available from any where in this world.

Try today! I am looking forward to you contacting me by e-mail or phone!

Have a wonderful day!!

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