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A letter from COVID-19


It has been a mixture of hot and cold in New York City like any other September in this season and New York City schools reopened from the Tuesday the 29th.

The lockdown is still going on but some gatherings are permitted in these days. Hope that everything is good with you all.

I uploaded a letter to COVID-19 the other day and today, I am writing a letter from COVID-19. Remember I am writing here to talk about our mind set and how to live happily in any circumstances.

In details, all the resistance, resentment, or hatred and every negative feelings are not to help us live happily.

It is going to be a happiest way to live when we love everything in this world and ultimately, we should go for the way if we want to live happily.

Happy individuals get together and become happy communities and finally the entire world. That’s what I believe.

Dearest citizens,

I am here decided to write to you in this occasion. Yes, I am COVID-19 and I am here to speak for myself today.

I know that some people have very special feelings against me so please disregard if you don’t want to read this letter.

Some of you who are curious of what I have to say, please stick around, you wouldn’t regret this.

As of today, once I appeared in this world and I am aware of some conspiracy of the ways that I appeared in this world though I don’t know why and how I appeared.

Anyway I am here in this world and expanding my life to this world as pandemic. Furthermore, because of the pandemic, humans have been in the situation of the lockdown since around March 2020.

It has been a while, yes and there are lots of effects relating to the lockdown regardless positive and negative.